Coming out of hibernation

Yesterday was an awesome day- so warm and spring like. The boys and I spent some time outside… Hudson hung out in the driveway playing with toys, Porter explored the Tree House and drove his cars in the mud. We took a walk, too. It felt SO good to get out of the house!

After Ryan got home he ventured up to the tree house to knock out all of the old bee hives from last summer. Porter never got to play in it last summer as the bees had already claimed it after the house sat empty for so long. We’re ahead of the game and we’re claiming it this year, bees! Porter told me that he and daddy were going to camp out in the tree house this summer. Smart thinking, kid! How fun will that be?!

Another of our neighbors stopped by yesterday to say “hi” since we really haven’t’ seen them since last fall. Porter had so much fun playing with their kids, Kyle and Chloe (9 and 5). Porter was following Kyle all over, trying to be just like a big boy.

Today the 4 of us went to the free spring matinee… Space Chimps. O.k. movie, wouldn’t pay to see it but it was good for a free movie on a rainy day. Gosh, Hudson is such an easy freaking baby. He didn’t have a morning nap and we got to the theater at 10 am and the 10am show was sold out. So we got tickets for the 11am show and then went to Pet Supplies Plus and Target to load up on snacks. When the movie started, I sat Hudson on my lap, plugged in his sucky and threw a blanket over his head and within a minute he was breathing so deep I swear he was snoring like his father! I would never have been able to do that with Porter… he was not a “sit still” type of kid, and didn’t do that well falling asleep in someones arms.

We made it through about 90% of the movie and by the end Hudson was up and Porter was antsy and Ry and I were kind of bored of it (well, I was), so we left and went to get lunch at Pizza Hut.

All 3 of the boys are sleeping now and I’m wishing I could take a nap without being exhausted afterward. Ry and I are wanting to go see Marley and Me tonight, so I don’t want to be tired out after a nap.

Here are some random pics from the past few days…

  1. Looks like you guys had a great weekend so far! I love the pic of Hudson standing up on the kitchen. Where did you get those cute shoes from?? I may have to borrow those in a year! 😉

  2. Maybe this week will be warm enough to take the boys for a bike ride at the park one evening (*fingers crossed*), matching bikes and all!ha!;) How fun will that be to camp out in the back-yard tree house… isn’t that what every kid wanted to do when they were little, until it got dark and they’d get too scared and came in the house!

  3. wasn’t that day wonderful… it was so nice outside. I want more days like that. that is so neat that porter has a tree house now… very cool.

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