Guess who decided to start crawling today?! I have a little video of Hudson’s new endeavors but for some reason I’m having issues converting the file (a Quicktime .mov file from my point and shoot) to a .avi file to edit and upload. Its so darn cute watching him crawl… he’s so cautious and it seems that he is calculating every step… err… crawl. He’s pretty proud of himself, as are we of course. He is also starting to pull himself up to things… so far only to his knees. At least he’s realizing he has appendages down there. For awhile it seemed like he didn’t realize he even had legs. He kicks and plays with his toes, but when it comes to standing, “walking” with us holding his hands, etc… he doesn’t move his legs/feet.

So… I guess there won’t be any more feedings like this going on.
And we’ll have to get baby gates for the stairs. Oh… and his bed. Those of you with almost 10 month olds… are you cracking up to learn that Hudson’s mattress is still at the very top rung… as in, like less than a foot away from the top rail? He seriously does not move around in his bed… he won’t roll in his bed or sit up (he still doesn’t go from lay to sit, but can go from sitting to laying). We lay him down to go to bed and when we go in in the morning he’s still laying. Sometimes his head is shoved up against the rails, but does he think to roll to get out of that position? Nope.

Friday night I stayed up late and painted the guest room… it was so terrible looking. I still have a long way to go before its super cozy, but its definitely come a long way from last July!

**ETA: The bedding is from Ikea: Andrea Kakel duvet. Its not available at Ikea anymore but you can find it on eBay.

  1. The bedroom is looking good!… love that bedding.That pic of H on the kitchen counter is adorable.And I see you still haven’t decided on your cupboard handles. haha!

  2. Yeah for Hudson!!! Guess I better get the house ready for Tuesday!The spare room looks GREAT! You did more on the room than ive thought about for the baby’s room. LOL! I love your attitude when it comes to redoing things. You just do it. I need some of that motivation!

  3. HA! Too funny about the crib! I’m jealous – I was hoping #2 would be my mellow baby after Morgan but oh no, she’s WORSE! She’s a total gong show LOLYay for H for crawling! Now you can suffer with the rest of us LOL I liked it when Morgan crawled but Callie is currently driving me nuts as she’s too fast to get to things like stairs. The spare room looks awesome, good job!

  4. I bet you're now having visions of 2 boys running & chasing each other through the house 😉 GO Hudson!And omg, where did you get that bedding? Love the almost cottagey vintage look.

  5. Yay for Hudson!! Can’t wait to see Mr. Stationary moving around. I agree with Leeann about the motivation…where do you find it?! Looks great…will you help me with my living room?

  6. I love that picture of Hudson on the counter. That’s adorable. And how exciting he is crawling! That is so crazy that you still have his bed on the top rung. hahahaha!I love what you did with the guest bedroom too. I love that bedding. Where did you find it?

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