Tonight was the second night of our marriage enrichment class through Marriage Matters Jackson. So far both of us are really enjoying the class... its super affordable ($40 for 4 classes…. includes a meal each class and all the materials… Where else can you eat for $10 a couple…. salads, chicken and steak fajitas, desserts and drinks?!!) and we’re getting so many awesome and EASY tools to enrich our marriage.

The class has such a varied range of married couples too… ranging from being married 6 months to 33 years!! How awesome that such a variety of people are putting an effort into learning new skills to love and relate to their partner. MMJ also has classes for singles and engaged too (P.I.C.K a Partner… How to Avoid Dating (or Marrying) a Jerk or Jerkette) so there’s something for everyone!!

Funny story…. The first class we attended was actually Week 2. We totally missed the first week of class… slipped our minds until Friday night I said “OMG we had that workshop last night!” So… when we got to class we weren’t sure what to expect although everyone else already had a week under their belt.

Amy, the instructor, was talking about 5 & 5’s and 10 & 10’s as if we all knew what it was (and… well, everyone did except us).

Then she says “So, be honest… since last class, how many of you did it? Come on, be honest!”

Everyone seemed hesitant to raise their hands. In a hestitant way that I thought… omg what does she mean “did you do it” does she mean “DO IT?” Is she really asking everyone if they had sex?

Then a few people raised their hands and she cheered them on and said “Ok, so, tell me, how was it?”

Still thinking she meant sex, I’m thinking… woah. What kind of class is this? Like an open sex talk class?!

Well, after a couple volunteered to share their experience (and I was thinking… good for them for being all open to this class of 20 other people!), I realized the 5 & 5 and the 10 & 10 was a little “break” amidst the day to stop, sit down and face your partner for 5 minute (or 10 minutes) and see what conversation or topics or even nothing comes out of the break.

I was cracking myself up, as well as Ryan and another couple at the table. HAHA!

I’m excited for next week to get more ideas and more tools and ways to help view our marriage in a more positive light. To view Ryan in a more positive light. To view US in a more positive light and to put more effort, even if its something so simple as emailing him his “MEQ” for the day, into our marriage.

Those of you in Jackson… single, engaged, newly married or married for 20 years… I totally recommend a MMJ class/workshop/retreat. It’s worth it to go just for the meal LOL!

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