Earth Hour 2009

A little less than a year ago millions of people all around the world made a bold statement of concern about climate change by doing something quite simple – turning off their lights for one hour. Earth Hour.

Last year during Earth Hour 2008, more than 50 million people in more then 400 cities around the world turned off their lights to demonstrate their commitment to joining this global movement to encourage the world the world to take action.

On Saturday March 28th at 8:30 p.m. Earth Hour 2009 will take place.

Earth Hour started 3 years ago in Sydney, Australia. Earth Hour happens once a year for one hour, it is a chance for us (people) to act globally and speak up for the earth. Last year 36 million Americans participated in Earth Hour and turned their lights out for one hour.

I would encourage everyone to take a few minutes and check out the following web site(s) or . The web sites offer activities for your students, community, family, and businesses. Help spread the word and become one of millions who participate in this years Earth Hour.

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