• Tomorrow is my last day of work before SPRING BREAK! I’ve been a complete crank this week and I think I’m just ready to have a little extended time off work (yeah yeah, I know… I have regular 3-day weekends… but STILL!). We aren’t going anywhere super fabulous, but will be staying at Caribbean Cove for a few days and visiting the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. I’ve heard its fab.
  • Look at this little Drama King…. I took a toy from him and he flipped. Give it back and he’s immediately better. And they say girls are drama….

  • We are absolutely adoring our cats… Ella Bella especially. While Rory was the most outgoing the first night home, he’s taken to being Mr. Seclusive and hiding away most of the day. We took them to the vet on Monday for a well-check and they both checked out pretty good. Rory had had surgery earlier this month on his teeth… turns out he had gingivitis (wtf… only I would adopt a cat with gingivitis LOL!) and the vet found he has a heart murmur. He thought it was from the mouth surgery and put him on an antibiotic.

    Ella is amazing with Porter… she literally lets him do whatever to her. He carries her around, lays on her, pokes and prods and tickles and loves on her. And she still chooses to come near him and snuggle with him and sleep on his bed.
    Ryan even loves the cats! He likes Rory best, but its quite apparent that Ella digs Ryan.

  • Porter is still really into his Automoblox… he spends a lot of time creating new cars and interchanging all the parts. Its seriously the perfect toy for him. I picked up a yellow car for him in Chicago bringing his total to 7 minis. The blocks of wood underneath them… those are his “roads”…. blocks of kindling wood we use for the fireplace.

  • Uhm… this was from a week ago… I didn’t have work on Wednesday so the boys and I took a walk. Hudson fell backwards into Porter and decided to just hang out that way. P was so sweet… kept rubbing his head and talking to him sweetly.

    We spent a lot of time outside today. It was around 60* and after telling Porter yesterday that we’d go to the park (it was too cold), we were finally able to go today. We walked the 1.3 mile walking trail and then played on the playground for a bit. After we got home, Ryan was annoyingly clearing up this 3′ strip of hill behind our tree line right at the edge of our property. Some reason he is drawn to cleaning up that area, which is surrounded by swamp, even though we have like half an acre of usable yard that needs plenty of cleaning. Anyhooo…. just as we got home we were bombarded by Kennedi and Eian wanting to play with Porter. So, while Hudson and I got dinner ready, Porter played outside with them. He ended up going to their yard and throwing rocks into the swamp.

    Ugh… and I saw the first MOSQUITO today. Damn damn damn! Seriously… already? Its so irritating. We love our house and yard and where we live… we have great neighbors around us and lots of reasons to be OUTSIDE. But damn if those mosquitos want to take over! Our neighbor Steve gave us some tips on how they keep mosquitos at bay so we’re going to try some things that he does and see if it helps.

  • I finally got a shot of Hudson’s top teeth. Oooh boy they’re gapped. Eek. I am dreading him having these huge, gapped teeth until his baby teeth fall out. Oh well… what can you do?

  1. Hate to say it, but Hudson is soo cute when he’s upset! LOL! That expression of him getting upset is priceless and will definitely have to be in the scrapbooks! Glad you guys are loving the cats too. And that Ella is so good with Porter. We need to get over there and check them out ourselves. Plus Lukas saw the pic of his automoblox and wanted to come over there, like in 10 minutes! LOL!

  2. Do you care to share your tips on keeping the mosquitos away?? Last week when we were outside, my daughter tells me “mom that looks like a mosquito flying around”. What?! Sure enough, it was. I will try anything to keep them to a minimum!!Love your pictures, especially of the boys together! Oh, and I love gap toothed baby teeth, they are adorable 🙂

  3. Rory causing trouble, not liking him much anymore…I’ll tell ya what to do, you know what I do with cats I don’t like! Haha! Totally joking! Quit taking that damn toy away from Hudson just to get the crying shot….you’re MEAN! Poor baby!

  4. Those pics of Hudson crack me up!And the gapped teeth… I know they’re not the most attractive, but they’ll make for better teeth later. Our dentist LOVES Savannah and her spacey teeth; she said she would be SHOCKED if SJ ever got any cavities in her primary teeth because they’re so nice and spread out… she really doesn’t even need to floss at all. And most of all, there’s plenty of room for her permanent teeth to come in nice and straight. The dentist claims Savannah has a dentists’ dream mouth! Even though I’ve often cringed at their gappiness. haha!Sawyer’s are closer together, but still not quite touching. My kids got their dad’s big mouth! hehe

  5. that is so cute how P loves his kitties!! Im happy to hear the cats are working out. Those pictures of Hudson upset is kind of cute…

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