1. I like the logo. Simple and chic. And I love all the baby posing that Kelly does! I was ooohing and ahhhing over all the pictures. I’ve wanted family pictures done but I don’t have any natural light except at 5pm and 9am so having a place for clients to come to, I think, will bring about more business for you. I say go for it.

  2. I REALLY like the new colors & the simplicity of it all…what about adding a little more green on the blog though? I'm really loving that green color…just a thought.BTW…can you tentatively put us in for sometime in May, I'm thinking the 2nd or 3rd weekend, whichever one Don has off. And like you said, maybe do a few of the boys on their own, as like their 1 yr. & 3 yr. shot along with family pics. Let me know about a date that works best for you…. And did you say “special deals” because of the economy…Hmmmm….like what kind of deals?? I say YES & start them soon like in the Spring, like before our session!;)

  3. I love the logo! If I *had* to give any CC, I would say it could do without the fuzzies coming off the flowers. But either way — Beautiful and fresh design!

  4. I like it! Simple, fresh, clean, cute…did I mention I like it?My only nit pick would be that with your name lower case and photography in caps (and larger font size? maybe it is just the caps thing) it make the word photographer stand out more than your name when I look at it and YOU are the important part of the whole thing IMO. All lower case? Or maybe if you like the two different cases, what about making the font size of the “photographer” the same height as your name in lower case? Does that even make any sense.Can we get together soon? I need some of your inspiration and motivation to rub off on me.

  5. I really like your new logo also! I agree that your name doesn’t stand out enough though…maybe make photography lowercase also? I’m a fan of your facebook website and the pictures you have posted on there are SO CUUUUTE!!! Love the Easter/tutu photos and the chubby baby bum on the chair! Great work 🙂

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