If there ever was a successful play date

I’d think it was today.

At 1pm we suddenly had a torrential downpour. I was afraid our play date would have to be canceled but luckily the sun came out and dried everything up.

8 good friends came over with their adorable offspring and we watched them run and play and laugh and have a grand old time. I think every single one of them wore themselves out! Everything went beautifully… the rain held off, we were able to capture a successful huge group picture on the first try (with 9 adults, 14 kids!!), none of the kids fought or got hurt and everyone just, well, had a blast!

Its kind of funny… everyone ended up being from a little group of bloggers… we all know eachother somehow through at least another person or two in the group.

I can not wait to have more play dates like this one.

L-R (back row) Tyler, Sadie, Stephanie, Grant, Grace, Jane, Nicole, Luke, Lori, Leslie, Nicole, Hudson, Nolan, Katie, LeeAnn.
L-R (front row) Allie, Lia, Reyna, Porter, Donnie, Lukas, Shae, Jake

Shae giving Lia a ride

The May Boys: Nolan (5/7); Grant (5/25); Hudson (5/20)

Venturing out… Bear Crawl Style

Reyna: No, mom, I’m NOT eating sand….



Donnie made some new friends: Jake and Tyler

Porter testing out the tricycle

August babies… wondering if the color of their shirts is indicative of the babies genders? We know LeeAnn is having a boy…


Sadie brought along this awesome game called Tag Tails. Its a set of animal tails on a belt and the game is similar to flag football. The kids (or… adults if you have enough to drink!) wear the belts and run around trying to snatch someones tail without getting theirs taken off. The kids had SOOO much fun with this game and ran and ran I bet for an hour or so. I promptly hopped on Amazon and ordered it this evening!

  1. What a great group of girls and kids if I don’t say so myself šŸ™‚ It was a great playdate and the pictures are super cute as always. It was good to see some of the kiddos in person and not just on a computer screen!!

  2. This has to be one of the top playdates ever. So much fun for us and the kids. And I’m glad that so many people were able to make it today, even despite the rain!Great pics of course too! Really captured the smiles of the kids on the go!

  3. this was fun. no fighting, crying or whining. the kids had fun and yes, it was a great bunch of gals. we will have to do it again. i was thinking about how many of us live or are from concord. there are a lot!

  4. how fun!! I love all the pictures. Sorry Tiegan & I couldn't make it. T usually goes to her grandma's on Saturday afternoons but if this happens again, let me know & I'll keep her w/ me šŸ™‚

  5. SUCH a GREAT time… absolutely loved it and we should try to do it again soon…. thank you so much for sharing the great pictures! We will have to do it again soon…. I am trying to figure out if I could do one here in Concord (Sadie!!!!).

  6. We had a great time! I agree, great bunch of girls and kids! We’d definitely be up for doing another one soon. Drew took a lot of pics as well and I am in the process of uploading them to email to all of you.

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