The Monkey Updates


  • WOW! Says “WOW” all the time!
  • Truck: “tuck” Can tell you what a truck says (“rrrrruuuuuhhhh”!)
  • I found him snuggling with Ella the cat this morning. Or was it Ella snuggling with him? Either way, it was cute.


  • I love bedtime with Porter. We usually lay in bed and talk about the day. I can tell that this is such a reflection time for him. He asks questions, tells me things, and we talk about things we’ll be doing in the following days. Lots of times he’ll say “I had a great day today”
    Saturday, he said “I had so much fun today. I had fun at Omas and at Papas.” I asked what his favorite part of the day was. “Chasing the boy with the blue car.” We went to the park and he and another boy spent the whole time running after eachother, laughing and playing.

    Last night he says to me “We had a lot of work to do today.” I said “Sure did. What was your favorite part of the day?” “Driving my yellow truck in the dirt. And riding my 4-wheeler.”

  1. That is so funny… Sawyer says “Oh Pickles” all the time too! That is really so weird… have they been hanging out behind our backs??I hope we can see you guys sometime soon… before Hudson grows up too much and is running around with the big boys too!

  2. that is such a cute story about the “trade”! it reminds me of when my son would do that with my daughter and she would just be so excited that he was paying attention to her that she would gladly give up the toy for whatever he would offer her…yeah, those days are LONG gone 🙂 hee hee! thanks for sharing 🙂

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