First Soccer Practice

Porter’s first soccer practice was last night. Up until now (and, well, even most of the time now) he really hasn’t shown a huge interest in sports. He’ll play for a bit but then he’s onto other things. In the yard he’d much rather drive his trucks around in the dirt or his new favorite… riding his quad. At the meeting on Monday night (“meet the team”) he had a blast. He took off running and grabbed a ball and was kicking it around all night. He was thrilled to hear we were having practice again the following day!

So, Tuesday we arrived at the soccer field and met LeeAnn and Lukas. We found out our coach had been changed, which isn’t so bad because the new guy seems great. The kids were HILARIOUS. I have got to take my Flip next time to record this. Its too cute to watch.

Porter had fun for the first half. I’m so glad I trusted my gut instinct and insisted on a practice on another night rather than before the game. 20 minutes into the practice Porter was doing this:

“Look, Mom! I’m on my head! Heee!! HEE HEEE!!”

There is no way he’d make it through a half hour practice plus a half hour game. In his defense, he is probably one of the youngest kids on the team. Some of the other moms were saying their kids were 4; 4 1/2. And… he did gulp down two “Flushies” at Target before practice 🙂

He did, however, manage to get some practicing in.

All in all, I think Porter will really enjoy soccer in small spurts at this stage. Its a good constant activity and I think that is definitely something he needs to keep his attention. I really just want something to keep him occupied, get him used to listening to another adult and following directions, having fun with other kids and burning up some of his endless energy!

  1. YES! I was P’s age when I started soccer and I played until I was 15 (then I had major jaw surgery and had to quit). So much fun and he looks so cute in his little uniform!

  2. Great pics of the soccer practice! I can wait to see how the game goes! LOL! Ill have to remember to grab my camera out of my purse before the game next week. 🙂

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