Blooming Surprises

Last fall I did a lot of planting in our yard. Planting and some heavy pruning! When we moved in, the landscaping looked like this…. JUNGLE!We trimmed cautiously…
and then finally said “screw it!” and hacked it all back in the fall and decided to wait and see what grew back and if so, how much. I was so anxious to see how the landscaping turned out. There were 4 areas around the house I weeded and planted…. by the mailbox, along the side of the house/playroom, in the corner by the chimney and along the back of the house. Some plants are growing back steadily, some kind of weakly, and some haven’t grown back at all. I’ll have to post before/after pictures once everything is a little larger! Maybe next month…

Anyhow, this spring has been so fun seeing the new plant life that emerges in our new home. We weren’t here last spring so the plants/trees/colors are all new to us. My favorite so far is this gorgeous purple flowered tree in the front yard…

(Note our butchered landscaping…. only 4 of the bushes are probably goners, the rest is growing back!)

I have been taking pictures of the plants this spring.

And of course these little sprouts….
Who wouldn’t pay attention to anything but the cars driving by.

  1. Are your hosta plants coming up that we split on the fall? Mine have the little sprouts coming up out of the ground, about 2 inches tall or so. My more mature ones on the side of my house have leaves about 4 inches long already! And yes you do have a pink tree!!! LOL! My friend Eddie on Facebook, probably didn’t think about the flower blossoms! LOL!

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