First BirthDAY

Last night was Hudson’s first night away from home, I believe. I couldn’t believe how sad I was to not have the boys at home, not to mention how weird it was that they weren’t in their rooms when I went to bed. I always check on them before bed and it felt strange for that part of my routine to be missing.

All day at work I was anxious for the day to be over so I could go pick the boys up. I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach as I drove to my sisters house. Man, I really missed them!

Ryan and I picked up a cake at Maggie Moo’s for Hudson’s first birthday. Ryan insisted that it was his FIRST birthday and he needed a cake today, even though he’ll have his birthday party on Saturday.

We grilled out chicken and then let Hudson dive into his honkin piece of ice cream cake. He has a sweet tooth and of course loved it!

I also figured out why he’s been so fussy and drooly lately…. he has THREE teeth popping through! I was brushing his teeth and noticed his 8th front tooth coming up (the bottoms have been uneven with only 3 teeth for awhile) and toward the back I’m assuming he’s getting his 1 year molars. So, he’s been cutting 3 teeth… guess that deserves a little fuss time, right?

Also… don’t forget to put in some of your name ideas back on this post! I know of a few ladies who are going to need suggestions….. I posted my name ideas in the bottom of the post. They are just my opinions, so don’t take offense if you don’t like them! 🙂

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Smiley Boy. Now that you’re 1, we gotta start workin’ on those legs so your Mama doesn’t have to carry you all summer. Had a great time at your party yesterday!

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