First Birthday Bash

The more kid-birthdays we celebrate the more I realize I REALLY like planning and decorating for these things! Since we pretty much do family-only b-days after the first birthday, I was so excited to have Hudson’s first birthday to have a big bash. Probably more for my socialization needs than his benefit, anyhow, but we had a great time.

I had planned on putting fondant circles on the top of the cupcakes but decided to keep it simple. I had too much to do!

I made these pompoms, courtesy of Martha Stewart
And some pinwheels…

We had our family and some close friends over and grilled out. The weather was perfect- sunny and actually quite warm, but we can’t complain because we’ve been sick of the cold for so long. Unfortunately our yard doesn’t have much shade so we didn’t have much relief from the blazing sun.

Hudson loved opening his presents and was so smiley all afternoon despite his earlier refusal to take a nap.

We got Hudson the Step 2 Whisper Ride Buggy…. we rarely buy the boys large toys brand new because you can typically find them used for a fraction of the price. However, I was feeling guilty about the whole second child syndrome and him always getting hand-me-downs so we splurged and bought this new. He loves it!

  1. your decorations & the cupcakes are amazing!! I love everything. I might steal a couple of your ideas for the next birthday that comes around here… 😉

  2. everything looks awesome… of course! 🙂 i can’t believe how big hudson is getting, he’s such a cute little guy.

  3. Looks like Hudson had a great birthday party!!! I love love love the decorations and the colors you picked out! I cannot wait to have kids to throw them bday parties! 🙂

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