Land of the Free… because of the Brave

My friend, Mandi, had this as her Facebook status and I think it is absolutely perfect. Thank you to those of you who have sacrificed for our freedom!

Today we had a pretty low key day. Ryan went golfing with Adam and I hung out with the boys. We picked Jane and Grace up and headed to the duck pond (not the actual name… but…) to feed the ducks. Grace is on a different schedule than the boys so I ditched the boys’ afternoon naps in order for us to get together. Poe napped for a little bit in the van on the way there but Hudson didn’t sleep at all.

They really enjoyed the ducks. Well, Hudson just liked the bread LOL! We almost got attacked by geese a few times. Jane and I were cracking up as we discussed how much Canadian Geese weigh (which, according to online is about 12 lbs) and if we’d be able to drop kick them if they attacked.

We took a quick spin around Target with the 3 kids and then went back to Jane’s to grill out with her parents. Porter ran wild around their backyard (of course over-wound because of no nap… and a “flushy” at Target) and Hudson refused to sleep at their house (I’m noticing a pattern of him having issues sleeping at places other than home…). Food was great and we had an awesome time. It was a perfect end to our weekend.

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