Frankly Friday

  • The boys and I have had a very productive morning.
    • Porter and I woke up early (6:30!!) and I had a load of laundry on the line before 7am.
    • I put another load on, got Hudson up, got the boys breakfast and we headed out for a 3-mile walk.
    • Stopped by a garage sale and snagged a coat rack (I plan to paint!) and a hammock chair (I was told it was from Mexico) to hang underneath the treehouse.
    • We got home and played a bit, fed the boys lunch and put Hudson down for a nap.
    • Consumers came over to fix our dryer… which turned out to be simply that the fuses weren’t screwed in tight enough (the dryer is on a fuse box with the old screw-in type fuses)
    • Porter and I mowed the lawn (its our Friday morning tradition…. we mow the lawn while Hudson takes his morning nap… Porter loves to ride the mower and we like to take that chore off of Ryan’s shoulders for the weekend)
  • I’ve been doing Weight Watchers and getting up early to exercise (although, not running… bummerrr) and am happy to say I’ve lost 2lbs since last week. I feel like my saggy mommy-tummy pooch is feeling smaller. (sick, huh?)
  • I can’t wait to try out this recipe for Margarita Cupcakes with Lime Frosting. YUM! (isn’t that a total contradiction to my previous bullet?)
  • Tonight I’m heading to my friend Rachel’s house to scrapbook!
  • I have so many house projects on my mind its making me crazy. I don’t know what to tackle first. And its frustrating because all the projects require me needing Ryan’s help, which is only available on the weekends. And our next few weekends are shot…. we have the girls the next 2 Saturdays, this Sunday is Aubri’s b-day party and I have a session, next weekend we are having a garage sale and Ryan may be going out of town with his dad and the following weekend we’ll be out of town camping. So, that brings us to the third weekend in June before we have any substantial time to start projects. Grrrr. I might attempt some of these projects by myself during the week this summer since I’ll be home. I just hope I don’t jack it up… Ryan knows how to do things so much better than I do.
    • Put in my closet organizer: which requires me to patch the wall where we closed off the closet door to Hudson’s room as well as sand and paint the entire closet.
    • Rip out the dead bushes in the front landscaping and rearrange/put in new plants
    • Level off an area beside our driveway to make into a makeshift patio
  • 2 more weeks. 2 more weeks. 2 more weeks until we go camping with our fabulous friends (and all of our rugrats!!). 2 more weeks until schools is out. 2 more weeks and I’m done watching Aubs and Addi. 2 more weeks and I’ll be faced with a full 12 weeks of summer freedom and time with my boys!

Porter amazes me sometimes with his thought process. A few weeks ago Porter was insistent that he dump out his truck bin (which goes under the train table) and that it was his “bus.” I let him do what he needed to do and this is what he came up with….

Look closer. Yes, he’s sitting in the bin… his “bus”… yes he’s using a plate for a steering wheel. Notice the buses’ wheels…. he took apart his big Automoblox truck and placed the wheels around his “bus”. Only, they wouldn’t stay up that well so he used objects like… his hat, his tiger puppet and parts of the Automoblox to hold the wheels in place.

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