Another 65lb harness carseat!

I just found out about this new seat: the Graco My Ride 65. It is Rearfacing to 40 lbs (Yes, 40!!) and Forward Facing from 20-65lbs with the harness. It also comes in a pretty pink and brown.

Its basically the convertible “sister” seat to the Graco Nautilus. Where the My Ride goes Rearfacing and Forward Facing, the Nautilus is Forward facing only, from 20-100lbs. The harness on the Nautilus, like the My Ride, goes up to 65lbs.

I do think its cool that the My Ride supports extended rearfacing up to 40lbs (although, the height of a child could make a difference in how long you keep it rearfacing). We have decided to keep Hudson rearfacing until he’s at least 2… I’ve read a few articles on 2 and 30 is the “new” 1 and 20. Children who are turned forward facing at a 1/20lbs have a much greater risk of spinal injuries and internal decapitation from the force of whiplash. Here is a great site regarding rearfacing into toddlerhood:

Anyhow… just got a carseat kick after reading Ashley’s blog about her daughter’s booster seat. I came across the new carseat on and thought I’d share it!

  1. Thanks Nicole! We have had Tiegan in the Britax Marathon before we switched, and I loved it. I was just going to keep her in it until Sofia outgrew her carrier seat. I'm thinking I might stick w/ that plan now.

  2. What if your kid is 1 and 30 HAHAHAWe have Callie in a Britax Marathon and Morgan in a 5 pt harness in a Britax Frontier. He is the size where he could go into a booster (42 inches, 44 lbs) but that won't be happening for a long, long time.Sadly my kids were too massive to comfortably ride rear facing after a year!

  3. I can't tell you happy I am to read this! Hubby and I are both very passionate about carseat safety thanks to our time in paramedicine. Yeah for doing what is safest for your children and not turning then around just because you can!

  4. Thanks for the link! I have been meaning to email you about the Nautilus and see how you like it. We already have (2) Britax Marathon's for the twins and were thinking of getting the Nautilus for Gavin. Let me know your thoughts if you get a sec. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for this article. I have been feeling a little bit of guilt with Madelyn being forward facing and only like -22lbs or so. I'm turning it around tonight and will keep her rear-facing despite not being able to see her while driving:( Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Ahh, so glad we aren't the only one's keeping our kids rear facing longer. My mom keeps asking why Preston is still rear facing since he is a few months shy of 2.

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