They rhyme!!

As rambunctious and gnat-like-attention span as Porter is, he is quite an observant kid. He notices things that I don’t think many 3 year olds notice. For example… trucks. He can tell you what is a Dodge Ram, a Durango, a Chevy, a Jeep, a Hummer etc…. He saw a Dodge Caravan yesterday and said something about “the lady in the Dodge Van”….

Last summer when we went camping (he was 2.5) we saw a black Hyundai Santa Fe. He pointed it out to me and said “That’s like your brown car we gave Simon!” Insane that he matched it up with the tan/gold Santa Fe that we traded in just 2 months after he turned 2 years old. And here he was almost 5 months later matching up a car that was a different color, yet same make and model.

And he can tell you cars that people have. He saw a green Chrysler Concorde at swimming lessons and pointed it out saying “There’s a car like Omas!” Only… Oma’s is gold. But she does have a Chrysler Concorde. And he knows Pacificas. He sees white ones and of course those are LeeAnn’s cars. Red Rams are Tony’s trucks. He saw a navy Pacifica turning into Menards this week and said “Thats the Pacifica I saw at Aubri’s birthday party!” Yep… I had taken him behind my sister’s friend Kelly’s navy Pacifica to pee. I told him it was Kellys. “Why is Kelly going to Menards?!”

Anyhow… so many times he’ll point out the most random things…. or remember the most random things. He knows how to get to LeeAnn’s house. Whenever we go to the bank he remembers seeing a truck a year and a half ago with a dead deer on top of a 4-wheeler in the bed. He sees the building my mom works in and knows its where she works and knows the numbers are 3-0-0.

Awhile back he was really into rhyming words and he still kind of his, but not as often. However, he’s been picking up words that he sees similarites in and will say to me “Hey mom, those words rhyme!” (even though they don’t rhyme…). For example… we were talking about Peter Pan and he said “Mom! Peter and Pan! They rhyme!” So of course we went into a discussion about the letter sounds etc…. Another day it was “Gum and Gummies”. And at Target last week he said something along the lines of “sheet and sheep” rhyme. He’s getting closer!

Its so amazing to me to watch him blossom and explore words like this. I’m proud of his ability to recognize little details and sounds in words and well, in other things too. The kid has a memory like an elephant and even though half the time you think he’s not paying attention, he’s recording every little detail in that 100 mile an hour mind of his.

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