Ready for the weekend?

My first week of summer vacation is coming to an end and luckily the end of the week has been better than the beginning. I think the boys were just wiped out from camping, plus Hudson is cutting his molars so he’s been extra fussy.

The boys are settling into a good little routine of SLEEPING IN!! Porter has been sleeping until 8am and Hudson until 9am. WOOO HOO! It is heaven, I tell ya!

It’d be nice if it’d stop raining for a few days. I swear for the past couple weeks all its done is rain rain rain. At least every other day! Its incredibly humid and muggy and I feel like my makeup is melting off my face as soon as I step outside. I know its nowhere near as bad as it is down south, but for me… any humidity is too much. I finally turned on the AC for the first time this year to try to cut out the mugginess. It was only registering 74* in the house but it felt so sticky and gross. For some reason our house stays incredibly cool during the summer… last summer I think we only had the AC on for a couple weeks total out of the whole summer.

Yesterday we were supposed to go to the waterpark/pool in town but the forecast didn’t look so great so I decided to skip it. Turns out the day was beautiful, so I made some mac n cheese for lunch and the boys and I hung out in the backyard and the boys played in the pools (yes, I set up 2 kiddie pools so there was no fighting!). I wanted to set up some of the new sprinkler toys Hudson got for his birthday but our hose has like zero water pressure so pretty much no sprinkler toys will work.

I call this one: “Don’t pee in your brother’s pool!!!”

Porter rode his bike around like a maniac. Our driveway is awesome for him to ride his bike. He’s getting really good at stopping and turning and going fast. He has named his bike Crazy Laser. No idea where that came from but he tells me that all the time.

Hudson had his 1 year appointment on Wednesday. At 13 months old he weighs 20lbs 4oz (10th %) and was 30 inches long (25-50th %) and his head was in the 75th %. It was pretty uneventful. I was happy to hear his pediatrician recommend we keep his seat rear facing until 2. She started to ask about his car seat and I could tell she was hesitant and trying to feel me out to see if I had turned it. I told her we still had it rearfacing and planned to keep it that way until 2. She said “Good! So you must have heard about that somewhere? A lot of parents have been coming in for their 1 years and have already turned their carseats around but we’re recommending keeping them rearfacing until 2.” Good to know. 🙂

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