Condensing Naptime

I think Hudson is starting to wind down to one nap a day. He’s starting to do the same thing Porter did right around a year old… his morning nap ends up being extremely long (like 2-2.5 hours!) and then he doesn’t want/need an afternoon nap until super late.

While one nap a days IS a lot easier to work around than two, the process of getting there consistently sucks. At least it did when Porter went through that transition. I don’t look forward to it.

Since Hudson has been sleeping in until 9am some mornings, he has just been skipping his morning nap altogether and laying down around noon. Today, though, he was up a little earlier and since I was out running errands all morning (NO KIDS!), Ry laid him down at 10am and he slept until 12:30. At least, he was awake at 12:30 when I went to peek in at him.

He’s so cute when he wakes up… he ALWAYS has his sucky in upside down. And if you turn it right side up, he twists it upside down again. Funny boy!

Yes, he still has his sucky. We had whittled him down to barely using it but he typically fussed for awhile before going to sleep. And then we went camping and I figured it’d be easier to give in and just give him his sucky while we were away from home than to deal with trying to get him to sleep in the camper quietly. And now,well, he still has it. Not sure what I’m doing so far.





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