Chantilly Lace


Today I took the boys to see my first pride and joy… Chantilly Lace… aka Lacey. I blogged about her awhile back… I can’t believe it has been 14 years since I first met Lacey…. both of us pretty green at riding and, well, horses in general. We had quite the time learning together… me learning what made her tick and her learning how to do what I asked. I’ll admit, there was much trial and error as I had no business owning a 3 year old green broke horse. However, I think we both came out of it pretty darn well and had some amazing memories.

I feel so lucky that here we are… 14 years later… and MY KIDS are able to share the joy of Lacey with me. It was so great to see my boys love on her and enjoy riding her. I drove home today thinking… WHY don’t I go riding more often? I can ride any darn time I want, and I’m so so lucky that I have that privilege, and I don’t take advantage of it.

Well, this summer I am going to take advantage of my time off. I need to and want to. I hope to take Porter to ride with me… he really enjoyed Lacey and has talked non-stop about going back to see her.

And I also hope to get some time to ride with Barbie again soon. I miss my teenage years riding with her… spending hours on horseback in the country chit chatting about everything under the sun.

Hudson, my sweet and loving boy… I hoisted him up on Lacey and he grinned. He grinned so big and laid down on her back to hug her… grinning the whole time. I ran to get my camera (Barbie was near him), and of course when I had it, he had turned the other way.

Porter was really unsure about her. She is intimidating, I’ll admit. He didn’t want to sit on her bareback but once I saddled her up and got on, he wanted to ride with me. He even let me trot her… riding with me and with me leading her.

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