Hudson: 13.5 months

  • Speaks fluently in sentences, although we have yet to figure out what language he is speaking in.
  • Words that we do understand: Mama, dada, kitty, car (Caaah! as if he’s from New York), drink, eat, more, (he signs the last three as well), night night.
  • Eats like a teenager. In fact, I was starting to wonder if we had 2 teenagers in the house… both of the boys eat so well. We pretty much have to order them EACH their OWN kids meals at restaurants. And they usually polish them off.
  • Has a temper like a dragon. The child ohh… the child. He is quick to whine, scream, kick his feet, swat your hand/cup/toy/bribe away. Last night he was cranky and whined and fussed the ENTIRE time we were grocery shopping. Fun times.
  • Knows how to push his brothers buttons. He likes to want the same things that Porter has. If Porter has a toy, Hudson wants it. Ooooh…. ugh.
  • Still isn’t walking. Or standing unassisted. He just crawls this silly caterpillar crawl, one knee down, the other foot down.
  • Is incredibly loving. He loves to snuggle, give hugs and smile. Oh the child smiles and it is so precious.

  1. Hi, My name is Christina and I am a fan of your blog. I have been following this blog since you were prego with Hudson. Its been a great time. I was wondering if you could tell me your favorite lens that takes pictures indoors and gets the best pictures in natural light without using a flash.

  2. Hey, we know that temper and button pushing as well! As far as the walking, personally I think it (and the climbing – gah!) is a pain in my royal rump! It just makes the button pushing worse as the older one can't escape!

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