Tonight we went out to eat at Outback to celebrate Ryan’s dad’s birthday (it is also his mom’s birthday as well…). Lori, Don and the girls came to town and surprisingly we were seated right away after using the call ahead seating.

We were seated right near the kitchen, where the waitresses would put their orders in. Each time they dropped off an order they would say loudly “ORDER!”

Porter heard this and his eyes got big and he said “Did you hear that? Someone just said ‘Porter’!”

We chuckled and then heard “ORDER” again. He said “They said it again! Hey! Who is calling my name?”

A few minutes went on and he kept noticing it. Our waitress came over and Porter said “Are you calling my name? I’m right here.”

We were laughing and filled her in on what was going on. She told Porter it was someone in the kitchen that was calling his name.

He looks over to the kitchen, puts his hands up to his mouth and says “Hey, I’m over here! I’m right here by my daddy!”

We were cracking up… the kid is a riot, I tell ya.


On the way home he tells us “I want to go to Menards. Let’s stop there.”

I told him we didn’t need anything from Menards and he told me “Yes, we do.”

I asked what we needed..

“Uhm… we need some plastic. And a trailer. And a tube for me to float on in the pool. And some string. And a sign to put in the ground. And some glass. And screws. And a stop sign. That’s all we need.”

Interesting list…..


Thursday I took Porter ice skating and we also ran a few errands. We were going slow (it was 40mph) and there was a car in front of me as well. Porter told me to go faster. I told him I couldn’t go any faster, that there was a car in front of me.

He tells me “Well, when I was a boss, I used to just go fast and zoom around those cars. Yeah. When I was a boss.”

He’s all about this “boss” business lately…

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