Family Fun Night at Cascades Falls

Wednesday night is Family Fun Night at Cascades Falls. I’d been there a few years back when I nannied, but had never taken the boys. We met up with Jane and Grace for ice cream before hand. Hudson totally has a sweet tooth like his mommy. Ry and I shared our cones with him and he actually stood up, on his own and unassisted, with his mouth open wide saying “Uhhhhhh”. He was after that ice cream!!

After we ate our cones and he polished off Porter’s cone, he headed over to mack on Jane. Or Jane’s ice cream. His bear crawl cracks me up. He’s figured out how to get around without scratching up his knees on our driveway when we play outside. If he’d just use his 2 legs to walk….

Porter loved running up the stairs around the falls. The first time up he ran way ahead of me and was hanging out with some other family, stopping along with them to admire the views. I had to chase him down and whew was that exhausting!

Do you see the rainbow??
After a trip up to see the falls, we settled into our seats to wait for dark and the lights to come on. Lukas and Porter… these two crack me up. Porter told me on the way home “Lukas is my best buddy. And so is Donnie. And Grace too.” Funny boy.

Before we left, Tony asked me to try to get some silhouette’s of LeeAnn with the Falls. The railing was right at her belly so I had to squat down to get her entire belly above the railing. I wish I’d been able to do a straight on shot… the angle makes her look a little hunchback.

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