Deals Galore!

My kids are getting totally spoiled this summer…. last week I took Porter ice skating and it happened to be a day they had a garage sale going on. I got a brand new pair of adjustable size ice skates for $1 and a 30 Gallon tote of Thomas the Train stuff for $10!

I think I counted about 50 wooden Thomas Trains, 30 diecast take-a-long trains, over 50 pieces of the track, multiple bridges and tunnels (including the Quarry Mine Tunnel and the Mountain Overpass). There was easily $500 worth of Thomas stuff in that tote!! I found a great train track layout and glued the track together. The boys have been playing with it non stop!

Thursday we went to Katies to hang out. I am envious of her spacious and shady deck πŸ™‚ Her yard is the complete opposite of mine…. shady, full of greenery, landscaped and hilly with not a ton of actual “yard”… but I love it. Its very serene and secluded feeling. Now, I do love our yard as well but c’mon… give a girl a little SHADE will ya?!

Anyhow, we got the boys ready to go on a bike ride around her neighborhood and she mentioned her neighbor, who has 3 boys, was having a garage sale (or at least cleaning out their younger kid stuff). So, we stopped by there and HOLY MOLY it was boy-toy-city! We made out like bandits. I got a bag full of cute Gap and Gymboree and Old Navy clothes for the boys for $9, and a bunch of outdoor trucks for $1 each: a metal dump truck identical to Porter’s for, two Little Tikes Loaders, a Little Tikes Monster Truck, a Little Tikes Tractor and Trailer and a Tonka Excavator. I also got a brand new, still in wrapper, Melissa and Doug Magnetic Alphabet for $1.

Some of my bigger purchases…. I think I got a GREAT deal on all of this:

Katie made out pretty good too. We had first purchased a bunch of stuff, went back to her house to have lunch and play and then decided to head back over there to rifle through everything AGAIN and of course spend more money. Really, though, I can’t believe we got such great deals. I figure, whatever the kids don’t end up playing with I’ll just pop it on Craigslist! πŸ™‚

  1. I seriously can not believe you got all of that Thomas stuff for $10. Preston is just getting into Preston and we've already spent a ton of money on just the basic set up and wood trains. I need to find a deal like that. Very jealous.

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