Pizza, Pop Rocks and a Perfect Papa Picture

Today we celebrated Shae’s 5th birthday. This was her year for her big party- she had her birthday at a park with pizza, cupcakes with pop rock topping and lots of her friends. I got a few good shots to share:

Hudson and his infamous Bear Crawl…

If only he’d do a little more of this independently….

This one seems to sum up Shae to me… she’s been the serious girl from day one and she’s such a sweet, caring little girl. I played around with the color and texture.

I really wanted to get a good picture of Hudson and his Papa. The last “good” picture I have of them is when Hudson was about 5 months old. I am in LOVE with this picture…. just goes to show that if you wait it out long enough, the right moment happens.

I also managed to wrangle these two boys together to get a couple shots of them. For some reason I don’t have many images of Ryan and the boys together.

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