Hudson: The little boy with a big temper (14.5 months)

It seems that Hudson has done a complete 180 on us. We’re getting paybacks for having The World’s Easiest Baby. The past few days, (or has it been weeks?), Hudson has been flying off the handle at anything and everything. He loves Porter’s Automoblox but Hudson puts all his weight on it as he rolls it and crawls at the same time and often the wheel will pop off or the car will split in half. And then he SCREAMS. Its an “I’m flipping irritated this is not going my way FIX.IT.NOW” scream.

Yesterday I took Porter to the doctor (thought he had a UTI) and we were in the waiting room for about 3 minutes but that was long enough for Hudson to set his eyes on a walker he wanted to play with. Well, then we were called back and I tried the “Ok, we’re all done, time to go” (like we did with Porter at this age and beyond) and that was NOT flying with Hudson. He went on to SCREAM for the next 25 minutes that we sat in the little 8×8 patient room waiting to see the nurse. UGh. I’d rather have been in the waiting room for that amount of time…. all the toys are there and all they have in the patient rooms is a little box of old books.

Hudson has bailed on all his signing he had learned. He refuses to use it. He was using ‘more’, ‘eat’, ‘drink’ and even saying drink. We are very careful to always verbalize anything he’s doing/wants/etc… as in “Oh, Hudson wants a DRINK?” (signing drink). So far, though, he’s not taking the bait. We’ve been trying to get him to use “help” too but he won’t sign or say that either.

The only thing I’m holding onto is “this too shall pass….”. At least I pray it does.

He has a few words he’s saying…. Caaahh! (Car… but in a Brooklyn, NY accent), Mama, Dada, Hush!, Dog, Bye!, Hello, drink (although rarely says it), nigh nigh, makes kitty sound, makes chicken “bock bock’ sound. He can say all these things but his most common is “Oooohhh Caaaaah!”

Ohhh… and he wants EVERYTHING that Porter has. We’ve been working with Porter on strategies for dealing with Hudson. Porter is “I’ll do it myself” and tends to want to scold/discipline Hudson himself, but that of course just gets Porter in trouble. So, we’ve been doing some role playing and showing him better choices of things to do when Hudson takes his toys, is getting into something he shouldn’t etc. So far, Porter is catching on pretty well. We’ve been praising him like crazy when he makes good choices in dealing with Hudson.

I am proud to say that we’re on night #3, or is it night #4 of NO SUCKY! I was a little nervous to attempt this cold turkey (ok, so is there any other way to do it?). He was almost weaned when we camped in June but we caved in and let him have it to get him to sleep easier while we were camping. And since then he’s been addicted. Well, I finally decided that I wanted to cut the habit now and get him to form good sleeping habits while he’s young… I was worried if we let him keep his sucky until he was 2ish that once we took it then it’d screw up his good sleeping habits. Not sure if those two things are related at all but I didn’t want to take my chances.

His last picture with sucky…
This boy… despite his scrawny size he can pack away the food. Some days I swear I’m feeding teenagers already. On multiple occasions when we’ve eaten with other families he’s been known to polish off everyone else’s meals after they’re done and off playing.

  1. lmao @the two pictures of hudson crying while porter rides the bike and then hudson's riding it smiling…that sums up life w/siblings when they are little! hopefully things get better with him soon…he looks so sweet and innocent 😉

  2. Found your blog thru I heart faces — oh my, what a pair of cuties you have! i have 2 boys as well, almost 4 and 1 1/2. Can totally relate to the brotherly struggles. (BTW my youngest has not yet kicked the binky).I LOVE the photo of your youngest crying when his big bro is on the car! Very cute!! Would be perfect for my photo site, actually… please consider submitting it! What a great moment captured forever. :)-Liz

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