Summer, please don’t leave yet!

Today was a bad day. One of those days I wish I could go back to bed and wake up tomorrow. No, wait, more like one of those days I wished I could have put my kids to bed and have them not wake up until tomorrow.

It was whine whine wine.
Tantrum tantrum tantrum.
I’m not listening I’m not listening I’m not listening.

Ryan has been swamped at work. Not complaining, really, because he’s been on pins and needles reviewing the numbers coming into his company and he’s always nervous they’ll do more layoffs. I think he’s pretty secure in that he is multi talented in the company as he can do his current job, programming, as well as any job out in the warehouse. He’s trained supervisors and he’s willing to move wherever. I’m hoping that will give him a little bit of job security. Anyhow, the other programmer he works with is away this week so Ry’s been busy quoting, programming and also fixing all the boo boo’s out in the warehouse. He’s worked 12-13 hour days the last couple days and he comes home exhausted and frustrated. The overtime is nice, I’ll say that. šŸ™‚ Having him gone so much is not. :*(

So, I’ve been single-momming it the last couple days and actually had a lot of craft activities to do with the boys (ok, Porter primarily). Today we made recycled crayons as well as homemade sidewalk chalk paint. I don’t recommend the latter if your child is missing the “do as I say” mode. Porter ended up “painting paper” in the foyer and I now have a chalk stained rug and pink and purple grout lines in my marble floor.

I did manage to get the landscaping done… next week Katie and I are swapping days to work at eachothers houses. Monday she was coming here to help me landscape and Thursday I’m going to her house to help her with frames. Well, I guess I have to find something else for her to help me with because BOOO YAH I got it done today with the help of my mom! I still need to get mulch, but I’m debating on whether to go pick it up or suck up the extra money and have it delivered. I *think* I need about 4-5 yards? I also think I do not want to make 4-5 trips to the landscape place.

Am I the only one who feels like summer is out the door already? I feel like I’m just holding my breath and waiting for school to start. The next few weekends we’re going to be quite busy…. this weekend we’re doing a last minute camping trip, next weekend we’re free, the follwing weekend we’ll be in Silver Lake camping, the next weekend we’re free and then Labor Day weekend we’re camping near Ludington. Then… duhn duhn duhn…. BACK TO SCHOOL!


  1. We use to go to Silver Lake when I was growing up – loved the dunes. Yep, summer's going way too quickly. My DH booked our vaca to go right up to Aug. 31, so I return to teaching the very next day. Can't cut it any closer than that;)!

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