Who needs new-mother-hormones?

Tomorrow night I’m (supposed) to meet up with some of My Girls (more on these fab ladies later…) for a girls movie night and a cry-out-those-new-mommy-hormonal-tears session. Well, I just might be joining in LOL!

After the past 2 weeks of Ryan’s crazy work schedule he comes home today at 9:30am. I crossed my fingers that it wasn’t bad news and well, for the most part it wasn’t terrible but turns out he’s working 2nd shift this week… 2:30 to 10:30. His company cut out 2nd shift awhile back (hence all the overtime he’s been putting in) and they planned to bring it back this week and move 2 guys from the warehouse to 2nds. I’m not sure why but Ry and someone else are working 2nds this week and he came home not to spend time with his family or to help me out but no… to sleep. He slept an 8 hour night last night (give or take) and I’m sure now he’ll sleep right up until he goes to work at 2:30 and then come home this evening and sleep again until morning. GRRRRRRRRRR. That’s all I’m sayin’.

I was REALLY looking forward to getting my hair cut tonight and getting some editing done that I’m very behind on (and need to get done before we go out of town this weekend). And I was REALLY looking forward to my girls night tomorrow.

I’ve decided I’m biting the bullet and getting a sitter for the boys. I don’t care how much it costs. I don’t care how nervous I am to leave them with someone non-family. I never realized that was a huge part of my issue… leaving them with someone who isn’t familar with them, but I guess the only way for them to get familiar is to be left with someone, right? I’m not so much worried that the boys won’t be ok, but that whoever is watching them won’t know what to do with them, won’t know the routine, will get frustrated etc.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a hair appointment tomorrow evening and then spend a doubly expensive night over at LeeAnn’s with pizza, snacks and a Red Box movie. It’ll be worth it, judging from the way my kids are acting today…..

  1. You are right – the only way they'll get used to someone is by getting used to someone. I often wish that babysitters had barcodes where I could scan them online to see if they were good people – that didn't want to eat all my oreo cookies. No luck on that though.

  2. barcodes – that would be AWESOME. i'm always nervous about new sitters too, but check around. my girlfriends coach cheerleading and i have them give me the scoop on good girls to use. it's worked so far!glad you had a good night out and the new sitter was a success!

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