Series of Unfortunate Events

I think I should have taken the hint from the start of our weekend and stayed home. Here’s the rundown:

  • Wednesday night I had a headache so I went to bed early without packing. We had wanted to leave Thursday morning, but from the looks of it we’d spend Thursday morning packing.
  • Sure enough, we did. We managed to get in the truck and start leaving town around noon.
  • I got a phone call from Leslie that they had just broke her water. I desperately wanted to be there for her and to be able to capture the birth of her little one. Ryan gets the Hubby of the Year Award for offering to stay despite me saying “No…. we can just head up north.”
  • Since we had the 4-wheelers hooked up to the truck I needed a ride to the hospital. My only option… Dave’s old Chevy with a bad engine and no-working windshield wipers. It was a vehicle, though, so I hopped in and booked it to the hospital.
  • I was able to capture Leslie’s labor and Ruby’s birth and it was an amazing experience! I remember everyone getting teary eyed when Hudson was born and I know why. I for a blip almost forgot to take pictures right after Ruby was born because it was so emotional. I feel SO blessed that Leslie was there for my 2nd baby’s birth and I was able to be there for her 2nd’s birth. What experiences to treasure!
  • We left town at 7:30pm knowing we had a 3 hour trip ahead of ourselves. I called the campground to let them know we’d be cutting it close. They close at 11pm so I wanted to make sure we’d be able to get in.
  • After another call to them at 10:30 with again, reassurance from them that “someone would be there” we pulled in at 11:04pm to Hideaway Campground and found them closed. There we were, 3 1/2 hours from home with a 1 and 3 year old in the truck and nowhere to sleep.
  • We had to get a motel ($100 UGH)
  • We switched campgrounds the next morning after being treated rudely by Hideaway Campground and luckily our favorite (Sandy Shores woot woot! But, don’t use them because we don’t want them to be booked the next time we want to camp there HAHA!) had a cancellation and got us in.
  • And then it began raining for the rest of the weekend. UGH! It was nice from about 3pm to midnight on Friday and that’s it.
  • We went on the dunes a couple times, which was super fun. Our first trip Ryan went to go up a dune and we didn’t see a little valley at the bottom and ended up basically driving into the dune and then up. Ripped a black trip piece off the bumper and scared the shit out of the kids and I.
  • Our neighbors arrived Friday afternoon and we had a great time drinking margaritas and going through a fifth of tequila and pint of triple sec with them over a game of Euchre.
  • Saturday morning went to get breakfast. Realized there was only one restaurant in town which had a line out the door. Mears had only one restaurant and finally went to Hart to find one single restaurant there. At at the Pink Elephant which was yummy.
  • Julie and Jeromy left Saturday… they’d had it with the rain. I don’t blame them. We went back on the dunes for a bit and then decided to bail and head home as well. It was nothing but rain rain rain… teaser of blue skies…. rain rain rain.
  • We decided we’d just camp at home since we needed to set up the tent to dry anyhow. We had an awesome bonfire and a nice relaxing evening at home.
  • And then we woke up to MORE RAIN this morning. Seriously I think the rain is following our tent. We haven’t used our tent in about 5 years since buying the popup.

So, I’m back home and I feel crazily out of touch with everything. I have a zillion amazing birth photos to edit as well as 2 other sessions to edit, 2 prospective clients to schedule and a few sessions coming up this week. AAACK! And laundry and stuff to unpack and and and…. ugh. It’s going to be a busy week.

  1. Wowza…that sounds like a nightmare of a weekend. The only sliver of light was from Ruby's birth! LOL I hope that this week goes better for you and I too can't wait to see those pics.

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