Flittering moolah out the door

Today was quite the expensive day, despite the fact that we had FREE tickets to see Sesame Street LIVE. Let’s start there….

Thanks to my adorably cute (and grouchy) son, we won 4 free tickets to see Sesame Street LIVE at the Breslin Center (probably about a $100+ value!) as well as tickets to the “Meet and Greet” before the show. Oddly, my friend Carrie also has an absolutely adorable grouchy kid and she was another pick for one of the four winners.

We were cracking up on the way to the M&G… “This is SOOO wrong. Its like we’re Sesame Street Groupies! We don’t have backstage passes to some awesome concert… no… we have backstage passes to SESAME STREET!” What has our life become…. Carrie’s mom cracked me up… she was all “I’m going to steal a feather from Big Bird! I wonder if he’ll take me to his hotel after the show!” HAHA!

Initially, even though Hudson was the winner of the contest, I contemplated whether he’d really sit through the show and enjoy it. Obviously, I decided to bring him as we took Porter to Disney at H’s age so why not Sesame Street? And I’m SO glad we did because Hudson LOVED the show and the characters. He was squealing and laughing and clapping his hands at Rosita and happily sat on her lap.

During the show he danced and clapped and laughed and had a grand old time. I think he probably enjoyed it more than Porter… Mr. ‘I am sooo not into dancing or singing’.

After the show (we actually skipped out a little early… it started at 10:30 and we left at noon and it was still going!!!), we went to the mall to snag some deals at Old Navy with their stuff and save bags. We got some great deals on winter/next summer clothes for Porter, some stuff for Ry and a couple coats and scarf and shirts for me.

On our way out of the mall I noticed an AT&T store and since my cell phone was currently in this state: (actually, my awesome hubby allowed me to swap sim cards with his phone so I could see my screen. muah! love him!). Anyhow, I wanted to browse the phones and actually hold them in my hands and play around with them before choosing a new one.

I ended up deciding on the iPhone 3G… totally surprised myself and talked myself into it after playing around with it. I looove it and its apple green luxe case. Mmmmm…. it is SOOO fun!
We ended our day over at Dave’s house. Lori, Don and the girls were in town so we hung out with them and had pizza for dinner.

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