Much to my excitement (seriously!) this year we discovered that our yard is a haven for swamp creatures. On any given day, you can easily find at least 10 little baby toads hopping here or there in the yard. Mowing the lawn is…. well, sad, because I’m always on the lookout for little hoppers and there have sadly been a few times I haven’t been able to stop in time.

Porter and the neighbor kids love catching toads and making little homes for them in the wagon. Fortunately, there has only been one known casualty and that was because Porter left his bucket with a toad in it in the sun. Oops!

It reminds me of my childhood… my sister and I used to catch toads and put them in our sandbox, which was a large tractor tire filled with sand. We made little frog moats and hills and homes for them. It was so much fun!

The other day we found a salamander! This was the 2nd one we’ve found since moving here. We put it in a bucket with mud and leaves and inspected it and watched it for an hour or so and then let it back into nature. He really was cute!!

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