First Haircut….

It needed to be done badly. As much as I’d love for my boys to have that cute, shaggy and slightly wavy hair, it just doesn’t seem to work. That or I just don’t have the patience. Hudson’s hair was growing in but not very thick. And it was mainly growing in the back… in the “rat tail” area. You know, like way back in elementary school when little boys would shave their heads except for that rat tail? Eww.

Anyhow, I let it go and let it go so that I’d have enough to save for his baby book. And then it end up being just a time factor… we didn’t seem to have the time to get him to Dave to have his hair cut. (I’d have just chopped it off myself but since their Papa is a barber, he definitely has to do the kids’ first haircuts! Its tradition!!!)

So Friday I threw on some clothes (in which later my sister said… and I quote… “Why are you dressed all cute and you look like butthole?” Thanks. Thanks. ) and met Ryan on his lunch.

Hudson was great… he was most worried about the cape thing so he didn’t wear it. And he just sat there so patiently and let Dave trim and snip and clipper away. He trimmed up the back and a little along the front but I let him keep the wispy blonde locks on the top.

I just love his sweet blonde hair. Its so funny… before we had kids I remember thinking, well assuming, that our family would just be all dark haired. I think little blonde kids are so cute and I remember thinking once that that was something we’d never reproduce. Ryan and I are both dark haired. My mom and dad and both my siblings are dark haired. And yet, we have a blondie! Now, Ryan is adopted so who knows what hair colors are in his genes but I am thinking the blonde came from my side of the family…. My mom has a dark haired brother as well as a blonde haired brother and sister. And each of her siblings have at least one blonde and one brown haired child. My mom, of course, being the exception with 3 brown haired kids. Sometimes I feel bad that Hudson doesn’t seem to look like he belongs to our family but I do love his little blondeness!!

Porter got a quick little trim up from Papa before his first day of Preschool on Monday. I usually cut his hair myself but I figured it’d be fun for him to get his hair cut by Papa. Dave seemed very impressed that he sat so patiently. Well, duh!

Both of the boys got a sucker for their awesome behavior. Probably the best part of their day 🙂

  1. Hudson's hair looks so cute. What an occasion, having both of the boys get a hair cut at the same time. How fun!Good Luck tomorrow Porter…have a great day at Preschool!

  2. Oh, thank God you cut that rat tail off…that thing was turning into total white trashish! LOL! Love that blonde hair, he could pass for one of mine…Good luck with preschool drop off…maybe you'll be able to wait till the end of the day to see how school was for him. I had to call a 1/2 after Donnie got there to see if all was well…yeah, I'm SO that Mom.:)

  3. So glad to see the rat tail is GONE!! LOL! Im surprised it lasted THIS long! 🙂 Im also glad to hear you kept his wispy hairs on top. I love the thinness to that and how it blows in the wind.

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