Hudson: Just shy of 16 months

This little boy has blossomed SO much in the past month. I am AMAZED at the little person he has become. He’s the sweetest little thing and he is SUCH a mama’s boy. Here’s Hudson at 16 months:

  • He is a walker now! He’s still slow, but each day we see improvements in his abilities. He’s become very quick at getting up from sitting down. He puts one hand down and whips those feet underneath himself and up he goes.
  • He has all sorts of new words. Wow, I can’t even think to list them as it seems like every day he is copying or saying new words. He points to everything. Off the top of my head:
    • Mine (his blankey)
    • down
    • drink
    • Ella
    • dog
    • car
    • truck
    • bus
    • choo choo
    • Papa
    • Oma
    • Poe (Porter)
    • Book (buuuh)
    • Hot
    • flower (flarrr)
    • butterfly (fyyyy)
  • He loves his blankey, which he calls his “Mine Mine”. Thanks to Porter for teaching him “MIIIIINE!”
  • He loves his mama, yes he does. Sometimes this is annoying but oh it melts my heart and I know it will only last for a short while. He is ALWAYS calling for me, “Maah! Mama! MAAAH!” and he always wants to sit on my lap or be touching me or hugging me or having me hold him.
  • He really loves to look at books. Porter got into books around 11 months old and I blame Hudson’s delay on the fact that we have been bad parents and don’t read to Hudson nearly as much as we read to Porter as a baby. However, Hudson always asks for books when he goes to bed…” Buuuh!” and I leave a few in his crib for him to look through before falling asleep. I usually find him reading books in the morning after he wakes up.
  • He’s such a good eater. He loves all sorts of fruits, eats apples whole, loves meats and can chow down 2 whole hotdogs! He’s not much of a veggie eater though, but I think the blame is mostly on us for not offering veggies to him every single meal like we did Porter.
  • He is so ticklish and has the most contagious giggle ever. I need to get this on video.
  • He loves to look at flowers and help me water the flowers with his little watering can

The other day I found out he likes to eat apples whole. Porter had left one on the coffee table and Hudson chowed it, skin and all. Today he wanted another one and oh boy… he kept dropping it everywhere and would get TICKED when I tried to take it away and wash it. Alright, have it your way…

  • What…. you don’t want a bite of that dirty apple???

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