One last project…

On Saturday I suddenly decided to tackle the ugly, faded hunter green shutters. Before we moved in, one of the projects I really wanted to do was to paint the shutters. But, seeing that we have 17 windows on the house that have shutters (so… 34 shutters), I haven’t felt all that motivated to take 34 shutters off, paint them and put them back up. I thought I’d attempt the front of the house this fall and save the back of the house for the spring. Break it up a little, ya know? Saturday night I got a couple windows done and I couldn’t believe how much better it looked. Sunday I decided to keep moving on my project. Ryan had plans to play football with the neighbors over at the high school, but I was being ambitious and decided to get what I could get done done. And I ended up getting all the windows on the first floor of the house done except for 2. I think the difference is awesome. It looks so much better in person. I can’t wait for next spring to see how my new landscaping looks!

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