I snagged this from Heather’s blog… Outside my window… Is a crisp fall day, orange and yellow and red leaves scatter our yard. Pumpkins adorn the front stoop. The last 2 lower level windows’ shutters await for me to hang them back up. I am thinking… that I am nuts for having a gigantic 9 family garage sale tomorrow. And that my to do list will never get done. And when will we ever have time to snap a family picture for our holiday cards?

I am thankful for… thus far not catching the swine flu, which is rampant at my school. And for my family, our home and love for each other.

In my kitchen… is a mess as always. Clutter clutter clutter.

I am wearing… a long sleeve green shirt, brown yoga pants and barefeet. Classic non-workday attire.

I am creating… too many things all at once. A couple quilts, many scrapbook pages, a few years’ worth of Blurb books.

I am going…

I am reading… Charlotte’s Web with Porter. And Are you There Vodka, It’s Me, Chelsea (actually… I haven’t started it yet but plan to soon).

I am hoping… that the next few weekends are nice with NO RAIN!

I am hearing… the cats playing with each other

Around the house... you can find toy cars, random socks, piles of shoes, graham cracker crumbs, fur balls, and dust.

One of my favorite things right now… is the cooler fall weather. I love this time of year! And also watching Hudson evolve into a little boy… he’s growing up so fast!

A few plans for the weekend… a gigantic toy/kids/baby sale with 8 other moms and hopefully a visit to the pumpkin patch!

A picture to share…

This is at Addie’s 1st birthday last weekend….

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