Oink Oink!!!

QUICK! Get off my blog! You’ll catch it!


No, really… I have the swine flu. Well, says my doctor. Tuesday morning I woke with a stuffy nose and kind of scratchy throat, but not too bad. I had a dry cough. I went to work. Yes, I went to work. Swine flu has been all around my school and we’ve had numerous kids in each of my classes sick with it so obviously I’ve been exposed. They’re all still alive and returned to school within days so I’m not too worried.

By Tuesday afternoon I was feeling kind of tired and run down so I left work early to try to rest at home. I decided not to go to work this morning. I felt like I had the beginning stages of a sinus infection and wanted to nip it in the bud before it got too bad.

I took Hudson to daycare, Porter to preschool and ran to Target to return some solar lights. I then called the doctor, got an appointment for 11am and ran through the bank drive through.

At my appointment Dr. Robertson confirmed an ear infection and after discussing my symptoms said “You have the swine flu.” Uh… ok. So, he did do a throat swab but didn’t test it before I left the office (I’ve heard it takes 4 days to get results?). He gave me two shots in my ass for who knows what, Tamiflu, Ceclor for my sinuses, Tylenol with Codeine and told me to take some breathing treatments. And also a sinus x-ray.

I left feeling… weird. I honestly don’t feel like I’m dying like everyone make it out to be like. I have a hard, dry cough. I have a headache and sinus pressure and I’m sleepy (but, that could be all the drugs pumped into me!). I haven’t had a fever (that I know of). I wrote on Facebook about it and within hours heard many of my friends freaking out about getting sick, their kids getting sick etc. I honestly think this all comes down two two words:

Media. Hype.

If I truly and honestly have the swine flu, I’ve secured my decision that I would NOT give my children the H1N1 vaccine. I may change my story tomorrow if I feel worse, but to tell you the truth I think there are different levels of severity of the flu, as with the normal flu. And I think the swine flu has been hyped up to be oh so dangerous when in reality its really no different than the normal flu. Do we get all hyped up about the normal flu every year? Do we hoard our children up inside? Do we wear masks every fall when the normal flu goes around?


I can guarantee that if any child in school has been exposed as well as anyone in their family. And if you go to any store, which I’m sure many of us do daily, you’ve been exposed.

HOWEVER…. I have heard people say they felt like dying with the flu… that they were sick in bed for days. So far, I haven’t felt that way at all. Maybe my doctor is wrong?

I was told I am probably contagious for about 48 hours. Well… this Saturday we are SUPPOSED to be having a Halloween Costume Party at our house but I’m pretty sure even if I’m 100% better everyone is going to be freaked out to come over LOL! So… looks like that will be canceled or rescheduled. Bummer!

Am I going to survive the swine flu? Of course. The real question is…. will I survive the next 2 days home with my children….

  1. I think that's weird… How would the Dr know you have H1N1 as opposed to any other regular old flu?? Aren't the symptoms all the same, and it's just the testing that differentiates the strains?Regardless, hope you're over it quick and it skips right over all the boys!And I'd say, if you're still not feeling any worse tomorrow, fumigate the house and go on with your party plans this weekend! Is it (was it) an adult costume party or kid party or both? Love a good costume party where everyone really gets into it. We're actually going to two this year (adult and whole family). Ryan and I haven't dressed up since before we were married. Haven't settled on costumes yet for sure, but I'm looking forward to it… swine flu or no swine flu! HA! Oh hey- just be sure your costume has a mask and everyone who's worried will feel safe!!

  2. My sister had the confirmed swine flu. She had a 104 degree fever for a couple hours and a 101 degree fever for 3 days. Also a cough, extreme fatigue, and stuffy nose/sore throat. She said it hit her like a ton of bricks. She felt fine in the morning then by 4 after her classes she was coughing, had the chills, and said it was the closest to death she has ever felt. The H1N1 virus is contagious until ALL of your symptoms are gone just like normal flu but it's said to last 7-10 days. Which Kate had symptoms for 8 days. Sounds to me like you have an ear/sinus infection and that's it. Dr Robertson also told me that Jocelyn had hydrocephelus because “Her head is HUUUGE” and he wanted to get her to U of M ASAP when he was originally seeing ME for my antidepressants. Pfft. I informed him that she was already tested for it and has none what so ever yet he insisted I go back because the neurologist missed something. I personally think he thinks he is high and mighty because he's been a Dr forever. He jumps the gun. And is pretty much full of you know what.

  3. First, I hope you feel better. No fun for mommy to be sick – no matter what it is.Second, Kevin's cousin almost died this summer from the swine flu. He was a healthy 33 year old who got swine flu – he didn't even know he was exposed. The doctors had to induce a coma and he was in a bed that rotated his body every so many hours. He was in the hospital for almost a month and the doctors were surprised he made it. He then had to go through extensive therapy because he hadn't walked for a month. He was on the news in Indianapolis and said he is concerned that people are not taking H1N1 seriously. It has been a lot for me to process – not sure how I feel about the hype. I am just trying to make sure we wash hands a lot and we try to take care of ourselves!Again – I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Hope you feel better!I do believe there is a lot of hype but I also believe that it is very serious. And I also belive it does hit everyone different. I went back and forth as to wether or not I was going to get my kids vaccinated and for a while I wasn't but with more information, I am going to. I've been calling my pedi every day and they have yet to get another shipment.Feel better soon!

  5. I would for sure demand the results of the swab. Maybe he's right, maybe not. I am trying to be more mindful of germs this year, washing my hands before going out of Target, etc and trying to not let my kids chew on the cart. But I refuse to be locked in my house all winter. I hope I'm not eating these words in a month.Get better soon!

  6. How can the DR be sure it is truly H1N1 if the tests haven't come back yet?? If you don't feel that crummy, maybe it is just a regular cold virus?? I don't know what to believe anymore regarding H1N1!!!???

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