Tow Tuck, Mo Mo and Moon Moon

Saturday morning I peeked into see Ryan getting Hudson dressed. We had a little conversation!

I said: “Hi Hudson!”

He says “Hi Mama!”

HE SAID HI MAMA! He put together two words. He’s growing up sooo fast.

And then tonight he picked up one of Porter’s shoes and said “Shoe. Poe!”

He loves Elmo right now. We went into this skanky resale shop this weekend and of course Hudson fell in love with a stupid Tickle Me Elmo. I was a sucker and bought it for a dollar. He carried that thing around with such love in his eyes, a big grin on his face. I couldn’t say no. He calls him “Mo Mo.”

He loves his “Tow Tuck”…. a plastic Mater truck from the Cars movie. He thinks anything with a long “arm like” thing is a tow truck. And he loves Sally too. He calls her “Say”.

He also loves Goodnight Moon. “Moon moon”. Its funny because at this age Porter really loved Sally and “Moon Moon” too.

And of course, he still has his Mine Mine. His beloved blankey.

He’s such a whiner and that is so annoying to me. He seems (at least to my memory) to throw many more tantrums than Porter did at this age. He has a much shorter fuse and gets mad over the smallest things.

Like right now… he’s trying to push this Little Tykes grocery cart and it just got caught on the edge of the carpet so he’s “ehhhh! EhhhhHH! EEEEHHHH!” whining over it. And he tried to put his Mine Mine into the cart and of course it wasn’t going to instantly drop in, he had to lift the blanket a few different times to stuff it in but he was ticked after the first shove. He was pretty proud of himself when he got it in all the way. I try to ignore his whining and let him figure out things himself.

  1. Oh thank God Im not the only one who has two boys and cant for the life of me remember the oldest whining like the little one..Short fuse and all…I feel your pain because it annoys the crap outta me…I dont know why either…Just know your not alone love =)

  2. He's such a little cutie! I can't believe how fast him and Porter are growing up. It seems like it was yesterday that I started reading your blog and Porter wasn't even born.

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