Please tell me I’m not the only one with a sassy 3.5 year old. I swear sometimes I am raising a teenager already. Let’s not get started on the language Porter has been using…… idiot, stupid, butt, poop, pee, moron.

What the hell!! So, he’s pretty much traded his bad word bad habit for insult words. And I’m not sure where he got it…. I’m pretty sure we never use idiot, moron, butt, pee and poop in our everyday language.

I kid you not…. if I have to hear one more “And you’re gonna put on poop sock!? HAAA HAAAAA.” conversation…….. ugh.

Tonight I was talking with Porter at bedtime and told him I was going to talk to his teacher and asked what she might tell me about him. Was he good or naughty at school? Does he say naughty words? Is he nice to his friends? Does he fill others’ buckets or dip into them?

So he tells me he plays “Jail” with Julianna and Lukas and they put her in jail and give her milk and fruit and SOAP IN HER MOUTH. HAHAA! I asked if Julianna likes playing this game and he said “Yeah! She likes playing Jail!” I have no idea where he got “Jail” from…. I don’t think we’ve ever spoke of Jail. Hmm. Its interesting the things kids pick up. Porter has been using the word “idiot” quite a bit lately which is on my last nerve. Tonight I asked him where he heard that word and he said “Julianna says it at school.” Which I have a hard time believing because Juilianna seems like a sweet little girl and her mom seems very nice. But then again, I guess from looking at me I seem pretty nice too but I have a mouth like a sailor and my kid is my proof HAHA!

Ever since my mom left to go back to the beach I have been finding Porter’s clothes out of his closet and in a pile on his floor… hangers and all. He says he’s getting them ready to pack in his bag and put in the car to take to the beach. He is going to be so excited when we go to the beach over spring break!!


  1. We go through periods around here where sass is a major problem – both in the words being said and in the tone in which they are delivered. I have to admit that I have resorted to using soap in the mouth once – and after that time, I have never had to do it again. I hate the things that Cooper picks up and school and comes home with, though I am certainly to blame on a few things as well. Funny how the parenting books never mentioned this stuff!

  2. At preschool, they do have one of those little tykes cabins inside which Im guessing is what they use for jail. I haven't heard Lukas use that word, but if Porter did get it from him, Lukas might have learned it from the old Dukes of Hazard episodes that he like to watch. LOL! I also doubt Julianna is the culprit on this. I will say that its nice to see the boys have chosen to play with Julianna. 😉

  3. I am snickering about the poop sock only b/c I haven't yet had to deal with this. I am sure my time is coming.It sounds like Porter is missing your mom. It's too bad she is so far away.

  4. Sass would be my Maddie's middle name. I invented “sassy sauce” for her more than sweet comments (white vinegar in a spray bottle) One spritz on the tongue pretty much stops it…

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