Technological Dysfunction

I swear when it rains it pours. The past 2 days I’ve had soooo many issues with electrical things..

  • My internet went out Thursday night. Turns out something is wrong with the router so we have one of our three computers capable of being on the internet.
  • Thursday night I opened Photoshop and somehow ALL of my actions were gone. GONE. My TRA, my watermarks and resizing actions, my “homemade” black and white action… GONE.
  • Today I tried connecting my iPod to the computer to charge…. said it didn’t recognize the USB device.
  • My battery on my 5dMKII is not charging. I plugged it into the charger all night last night and I still only have half my battery life left. I’ve tried numerous outlets. No luck. It should be under warranty still but that means I’ll have to send the battery back in. And a new backup battery right now is $90 until a generic one is made (I got generic batteries for my 30D and they were $10 vs. the $70 Canon sells them for).

UGH! Its neverending….. stupid technology.

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