Trick or Treat!

This year I did something out of the box. I stepped back and took WAY LESS pictures than I normally do. My Halloween Party on Friday…. the pictures you saw on my blog is what I took. WITH MY POINT AND SHOOT!

I’m in photo overload and am trying to come to terms with the fact that EVERY picture does not need to appear technically perfect. EVERY second does not need to be captured on ‘film’.

So, for Halloween I decided… I don’t NEED pictures of the boys getting candy at 10 different houses. I don’t need 23 pictures of the boys running down the road. I don’t need pictures of their loot. I don’t I don’t I don’t.

And honestly… it feels good. I took some pictures with my good camera out front and then took my point and shoot with me to trick or treat. And typically, I went to take some pictures and my card was full. So I was racing to delete a few pictures to make room. And then I realized I really hate how slow point and shoots are when you HAVE to use your flash so I said screw it and took like 3 pictures at the Huffs.


The boys had a good time. Ok, Porter had a good time. Actually he had a blast. He was running after Donnie the whole way around their neighborhood. We had a whole crew with us… some of the Huffs family and friends joined us as well as a couple of their neighbors.

Hudson kind of chilled in the wagon and ate 3 suckers on the way around the block. I don’t think he was feeling too good and he wasn’t thrilled with his costume. He was cute though, and I’m sure warm.

  1. Nicole….I was SO proud of you for only taking a few shots & you even brought the “Big Dog”….it was nice to see your face not stuck behind a camera the whole night…LOL!:) Okay, I'll shut up now, because really you always have the best shots of my kids, just doing everyday things & I love it, so don't stop with your photography….maybe just pick & choose the times you wanna go all out. I was excited the boys had such a good time trick-or-treating, they're getting so old….*waaaah*!

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