Things I wonder…

  • Am I the only mother in the world who doesn’t feel awful for their kids when they get shots? Seems like everyone always dreads those appointments…. but it never seemed to phase me.
  • Where do you buy your bras? What brand, how much? How often do you buy new ones? How many do you have “in rotation?”
  • Would you be offended if your husband bought you a CZ engagement/wedding ring and tried to pass it off as a diamond? What about if he told you straight up? What if you thought your diamond was a diamond but found out 10 years later it was a big honking CZ?
  • What time of day are you gassiest? Do you pass gas after meals? At the end of the day? When you wake up?
  • Would you rather have a teeny tiny house and a really nice car or a large house and drive a rusty old beater car?
  • Do all of your stockings (Christmas stockings, that is…) match (identical), coordinate, or are they mis-matched?
  • Do you indulge your kids with gifts only on holidays or do you disperse it throughout the year and keep it simple on holidays? Or do you just indulge all year long and really go all out on holidays?
  • Would you rather have wood floors or ceramic/slate tile floors in your kitchen?
  • Which one: Cherry or Coca-Cola flavored Slushies?
  • How soon after New Years do you take down your tree?
  • How often do you get your haircut? How much do you pay for a haircut?
  • Does the sound of cotton balls squishing creep you out?

  1. Hahahaha! Love these!!Not sure if you really want all these answers or not, but I can't resist…-No, you're not the only one. I've often thought I was the only one… I have to consiously stop myself from rolling my eyes sometimes when someone goes on and on about dreading those appointments or how in pain they were to see their baby in pain. Geez- it's over in a second!-mostly Target, not often enough, and right now I feel like I have a lot in “rotation” with four regulars.-I think I would be offended. Just in the pretending part… I wouldn't care if I knew CZ up front, but I'd be TICKED if I'd had the rug pulled over my eyes for 10 years.-Gassiest?… I have no idea. -I used to think I'd rather have the good car because that's what people saw the most of… but that was back high school college years. Now that I'm a “grown up” I'd have to go with the better/larger house for sure.-I don't really understand the stocking question? -I'd say I'm kind of in between on the regular indulgence vs. holidays. Not that I indulge, but I do buy little things often throughout the year. And we keep b-days and xmas lower key.-wood floors I think. I personally don't like cold tile. Anywhere.-cherry-I take my tree down as late as possible… which isn't usually very late as we have real trees. Normally a few days after New Years.-I really only get my haircut when I absolutely have to… average is twice a year, sadly. Maybe three- four if I'm really really lucky.And I pay $30-40. $100 if I get color and highlights. Which is why I never do.-Um, no. Does it you? πŸ™‚

  2. LOL on the last one!! Here are my answers:-I have felt bad for my kids, because Lukas used to look at me with these eyes that were saying, “Momma, how could you let them do this??” It has always made me feel bad and felt like it was my fault.-I buy mine from Kohl's. Usually Warner's and I usually get them on sale for about $20-24 each. I usually buy new ones every 2 years or so. Currently have 3 that I have in rotation, but that's because I'm nursing and well, these boobs just don't want to fit in anything else. But I normally have about 6 or 7 in rotation I think.-I would probably be offended if it was tried to be passed off as a diamond and it wasn't. But if I knew from the beginning that it was CZ, I would be okay.-I would say I am gassiest like 4 hours after a gassy meal?? LOL! I don't know. I think evenings.-I would rather have a larger house. We are in the house more than we are in the car.-All of our stockings right now aren't identical, but do coordinate together. Although I still can't find the 4th matching stocking I bought for Brady. Grr…-We of course have bought throughout the year. In fact every single time we go to Meijers, we are STILL picking up a frickin' hotwheels car! We do indulge more now too at Christmas on Lukas. But didn't use to in the beginning, because he didn't know any different. -For my kitchen, I would love ceramic/tile floors. For a dining room, I would love wood floors. Weird I know, but something about the counters and the floors having similar styles keeps me happy. -Cherry Flushie. I mean Slushie.- We usually take down our tree the first weekend after New Years. We will probably take it down after the dinner at our house on Sunday the 3rd.-I always seem to forget to make an appointment for haircuts, so I probably only get one every 6 months! It now has been since June since my last one! I think I pay $25 for a cut/style.-No it doesn't other me. But I know someone that it does! πŸ˜‰

  3. * no, you're not the only one. i'm with leeann… hate that feeling like 'why aren't you protecting me?' when really you are protecting them, just can't explain yet. * most often target, whenever they seem to be getting disgusting, and probably 3-4 in rotation. * offended if he lied about it. if he was upfront and had a good reason, like couldn't afford a real one, no big deal at all. * no idea.* house, i'm not a big car person. * do you mean xmas stockings? we have two pairs and they coordinate, it would totally bug me if they didn't.* i will buy small things on a shopping trip (like a $5 car for max) not every time, but once in awhile. we don't go all out for holidays, at least not yet. right now the kids are so spoiled by grandparents we don't need to add much (that goes for throughout the year too).* tile. * never have them, coke sounds better to me though?* it could come down before new year's if i have the time. once xmas is over, it can go. * every 3-4 months… $30-40.* no. πŸ™‚

  4. 1.)I don't feel bad when my kids get shots, at all. I've never been upset over it and sometimes don't get why other people do. But to each their own.2.)I buy my bras at kohls and only when they are on sale (Warners and Barely There). I usually have about 4 in rotation. I need new ones now!3.)I would be offended if he passed it off as a real one. I don't like lying. If there was a legit reason, be upfront and it would okay.4.)My entire house is gassy!5.)A large nice/house and beater car. I use to be all about the car when I wasn't married/just newly married. Now that I have kids its a different story!6.)My kids stockings match. They are not identical but they coordinate and have their names embroided on. Currently mine and my hubby's do not match. Next year I'd like mine and hubby's to match. And there's one more that matches my kid's stockings so I'm hoping some day I'll have a third baby so I can't have that stocking too! ha ha ha 7.)I try not to go crazy through out the year with stuff. I tend to go a little overboard at Christmas.8.)We put a brand new kitchen in a year ago and I put hardwood in. (Hardwood throughout entire first floor) It looks nice because it flows well but I spill and drop so much that I've knicked it. If I could do it over again, I would do tile.9.)I don't have slushies.10.)We take our tree down around either on New Years Day or right after.11.)I get my haircut approx. every 6 weeks. I'm a haircut addict. I spend way too much money on it! Lately I've been getting highlights that often as well. It's bad news and if my hubby knew how much I spend, he'd die!12.)Nope, don't mind the cotton ball sound!

  5. –I do dread the shots but only because I feel like they think I'm hurting them.–I need new bras. Victoria's secret or Nordstrom's, usually in the $40 range?. I usually have 2-3 in rotation.–OK if it is in truth, NOT OK if he lied.–Gassiest in the evenings after dinner.–Large house and rusty car.–I hardly ever wear socks. Flats in the spring, summer, fall and Uggs in the winter.–I'm trying to keep the holidays low-key and we don't buy a lot of toys throughout the year. Most of what he have has been from gifts.–Wood, they're warmer.–Cherry–I take my tree down the day after Christmas.–Pretty neutral on the sound of cotton balls but I HATE the feel of them. Yuck.

  6. 1) Shots….egh not with Donnie, I do feel bad for Nolan only because he's absolutely petrified of the Dr.'s or anyone in the office, he literally holds onto me for dear life screaming/crying. So, not just shots, but the whole office visit for Nolan.2) Bras, oh, man I'm embarrassed to say I have probably two bras that fit me good….even not being pregnant, I need to “invest” in some more for sure! And usually, JCPenny's, Target, & sometimes Vicki's :)3) I would just want him to tell me….so at least I knew. I would definitely just pass it off as real, no one else needs to know my business…4) I'm always gassy when I'm pregnant…I totally disgust my husband, but oh, well! When not pregger…at night.5)House, rather than car. But, I definitely could NOT drive like a total clunker….I'd probably go over to that great little dealership in town, I think “Huff Auto Group” it's called and they'd be able to hook me up with something halfway decent I'm sure of it!:)5) Don't match, but do coordinate.6) We don't totally indulge on Christmas…but, we do get a “wow” factor present (as Don put it best) just to see the excitement!7) I think tile….if I had my choice.8) Cherry!9) Soon after Christmas….I like to get the mess cleaned up, maybe a little after new years.10) Haircut….once every 12 weeks, if it's long or I'm growing it out. EVERY 6-7 weeks for a color….can't let these roots take over! Color….anywhere from $75-95, cut… $25 I think??11) You're weird….NO!

  7. Whoa! Too much, too early! -I feel terrible for them, well except for Annika maybe. She's such a giant baby that I get kind of annoyed at how dramatic she is. I feel worse as they get older because it traumatizes them!-I hate bras-I'd be PO'd! I'd rather not have a ring if it's going to be fake! Yep, I'm shallow. I love my diamond.-Hmmm, at night?-A nice home, bigger, I have a large family!-They match-We don't indulge unless it's a bday or christmas, they get things but not huge things on a regular basis. -Wood floors-Cherry-right after christmas, I'm usually ready for it to be gone that day!-2-3 times a year, $30 bucks-nope, that's weird

  8. -I don't usually feel awful about shots, but, it seems when they get out of baby phase, and they know what's about to happen, I have a little more sympathy.-Kohl's when they're BOGO 1/2 off. Bali. Two good ones in rotation and a couple of floaters for laundry days.-I like having my diamond as a symbol of our commitment, but, we were very conservative when we picked our rings out. After this diamond though, I wouldn't mind having CZ for any purchases in the future.-Strangely, it's after the girls are in bed and I have time to just sit.-I prefer function and practicality. A gently used car is fine with me. As for the home, I think a smaller home in a more desirable (family friendly) area is better for us.-The girls' stockings are matching, and ours are similar to each others. They're all in the same color scheme.-We indulge a little during the holidays. Our budget for each of the girls is between $75-$100 (including stockings).-For long-term maintenance reasons, I would prefer tile in the kitchen.-Cherry slush.-Our tree comes down the weekend after New Year's Day.-I get my hair cut every 5 weeks in the summer and every 6 weeks in the winter. $26 for a cut and I do the color myself.-Even thinking about the cotton balls is making me seethe. It's just like biting a mitten.

  9. 1. I do feel bad for them when they are babies…other then that, no!2. I am on Katie with this one…I have like 2 (maybe 3)…and I usually get them at Target cause they are only $9.99 or VS when they have their sales.3. If I had a CZ I wouldnt wanna know…EVER…lol!4. Hmmm Gassiest…never really thought about it!5. I'd rather have both! Ok but if I had to choose one I would sat nice house.6. Mine all coordinate7. We indulge ONLY at Xmas….and we never exchange gifts (hubby and I) because we are always broke after kids presents anf family presents. I would just feel guilty spending money on myself.8. DARK wood for sure!9. Cherry!10. We usually take ours down right after New Years.11. I try not to get it cute because I am trying to grow it out and I dont understand the whole trimming thing because it just seems that your cutting off what just grew??? My cousin does my hair and charges me only for the product, end up being less then $20.12. Thinking about that gave me the heebie jeebies! Eeek!

  10. These are awesome!1. Nope, shot appointments don't phase me either. It's life – why should I be sad about it?2. Two bras, yes 2. VS with LOTS of padding (because I am so flat). $50.00 per bra, hence the reason I only have 2.3. I would be offended at first if he tried to pass it off as real, but if he told me straight up I wouldn't care, at least he was being honest. 4. Um, I'm not really a gassy person so I don't know? My husband is another story.5. Nice house and beater car.6. Stockings coordinate because I'm anal like that. I wish I was more eclectic but sadly, I'm not – at all!7. We give gifts on birthdays & holidays. I would love to spread it out all year but the budget doesn't really allow for that.8. Wood floors – so much easier to clean! I HATE HATE HATE slate!9. Cherry slushies10. We take our tree down the day after Christmas or on New Years Eve…whenever the hubby gets sick of it.11. Haircut every 2-3 months. It used to be more often but it's a pain finding a sitter just for a haircut. I pay $30 for cut & style. If I get a color at the same time it is $90.0011. Nope – not creeped out by cotton balls.

  11. Hardwoods for sure in the kitchen. We had tile in our old house and my feet used to ache from standing on them after long periods of time. Sounds strange, but I have other friends that have said the same thing. Plus I like the way the wood flows through our downstairs now – not broken up with tile in one room.

  12. Ok, I'll bite. -I don't feel bad during shots either. I have poked a lot of kids' fingers in my peds job so I am used to kids getting poked. Also, a 5 second shot seems like nothing compared to something like oh, pertussis or diphtheria.-Since I barely even need a bra, I just wear those “bralette” things that come in a 3 pack for like 9.99. They are the kind you just pull over your head. I'm lame.-I would hope that my husband would not lead me on like that for 10 years. That's a trust issue.-I don't really monitor my daily gas output. I guess while running? Fair warning to runners I pass.-Large house. I am not a big car person.-Mis-matched stockings. -I keep it simple on the holidays. Grant is still young though.-I like wood floors.-Cherry slushie-I like my tree down on either New Year's Day or the 2nd at the latest.-I get my haircut about every 2.5-3 months. Ideally, I would like it every 6 weeks if I could afford it!. I only pay $25 for a cut. $60 if I get color too.-I don't really have cotton balls in my house. I don't use them so I don't know how they sound.

  13. Funny wonderings!!*I don't dread taking my kid in for shots, but right at the moment he gets the shot I feel pretty sad when he gives me that look.*I buy bras at VS or Target… usually 3 or 4 in rotation.*Yeah, it would bug me if he lied about it being a diamond. But if we had agreed to the CZ beforehand, totally fine with it.*Um, since I'm pregnant I tend to have a lot of gas. All day:)*I'd go for the large house.*We have mis-matched Christmas stockings. Mine is my childhood stocking stitched by my grandmother, my husband's is some Target special that I bought for him, and Ryan has a pottery barn kids one. *I never buy my kid toys randomly. If he's in “need” of something I wait until his birthday or Christmas rolls around and then buy him a few things, and wait for all the relatives to inundate him with the rest:)*Tile floors in the kitchen all the way. We have wood right now, and I hate it that spills and food get stuck in the crevices of the wood. yuck.*I don't eat slushies but I'd probably go with cherry.*Usually right away. We don't leave it up much into the new year.*I probably only get my haircut 2-4 times a year. And $40/cut.*The sound doesn't bother me, but the feeling does. Like nails on a chalkboard!

  14. * SThe only shots that bothered me were his very first ones since I didn't know what to expect. Now, not so much and he doesn't cry long…* Target for bras and right now I only have 2 nursing bras (if I wear a bra) in rotation with lots of nursing tank tops. Usually 3-4 regular ones in rotation* I would be offended if he bought a cz and tried to pass it off without telling me beforehand. If he was straight up I might be a little hurt, but at least he was being honest. *gassiest….at night I guess*I would rather have a large house with beater cars*Our stocking usually coordinate but aren't too matchy matchy*Not sure yet….I do know Evan will be spoiled by grandparents on his first Christmas this year*wood floors*Yum! Definitely cherry slushie!*Usually the 2nd weekend in January. I love having the tree up!*I get my hair cut about every 5-6 months and usually pay about 30 for a cut*Cotton balls squishing doesn't really creep me out but sometimes getting wet cotton clothes out of the wash and putting it in the dryer does…it's weird! πŸ™‚

  15. – I feel bad for them, mostly because they don't really understand (well, Okis is starting to, but Babolly doesn't). All they know is that Mommy is standing there watching while someone hurts them!- I usually get them from VS, but only because I have tried on a zillion bras and those are thoe only ones that fit my small boobage. I have 4 in rotation, but 2 strapless.- I would only be offended if I thought it was real and then found out it wasn't.- Ummm… Probably mid-late morning, LOL.- Nice house, for sure!!- Ours coordinate. All are from Pottery Barn.- We definitely indulge more for holidays (and birthdays), but we do buy the kids smaller stuff throughout the year.- Ceramic or linoleum. I don't like wood floors in the kitchen. Too much wood with the cabinets IMO.- I don't do slushies :)- Not long after New Year's- I get my hair cut and highlights touched up about every 6-8 weeks, but only because my hair grows really fast. I think it usually costs about $100 or so.- and…no! πŸ™‚ But I can't stand foam rubber. Totally freaks me out!

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