Porter’s Room

Porter’s room is pretty much done. I do need to find something for above his bed. I’m contemplating framing a map of the USA or finding some kind of print. Or putting a big cork board and pin some of his artwork up there with a big wooden letter P on it.

And his curtains… well, they need ironing 🙂

  1. We just got that bookcase too! Got the baskets to go in half of the squares and it’s in the play/family room to hold some of the bajillion toys that live here.

  2. Love the idea of the magnet on the wall instead of on the fridge…must. steal. great. idea.Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it in person on Thurs.

  3. omg…. i love his room! LOVE IT. love it.your house is awesome… everytime i check out your blog, the house has something new and fabulous! are you broke yet?? hahaha!

  4. The rooms are adorable!! So, you're really happy with all the stuff you've bought from Ikea?? They seem to have have a lot of cute stuff at great prices, & I wanted to hit the sale going on, but you're the only one I know could give a thumbs up/thumbs down opinion on their stuff. 😉 Looks like you're pretty happy with them, eh?? Awesome!! Good luck on your kitchen project next!!

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