It’s about to get chaotic here…

I’m working on a picture order for my scrapbook weekend next week and was putting together a collage from our camping trip last June.  I dawned on me that while this picture may look pretty full…. and busy with 7 kids under the age of 3….. the next time we camp we will have FIVE new babies added to the picture.  That will be a grand total of 12 kids under the age of 4. 


  1. YIKES! Procreating like bunnies I tell ua. Crazy town for sure. Good thing we all found each other because nobody else is going to want to be friends with that kind of chaos, lol.

  2. Oh it will be such a different photo!! LOL! At least you are the one without a newborn and can run back and forth between the camera and all. LOL! Im looking forward to camping this summer!!!! btw.. i LOVE Kristi's comment!!! LOL!!!

  3. i am cracking up at janes comment. 🙂 yes, it is about to get chaotic. and, it is a good thing we are all friends….she is right, nobody else would want this kind of chaos. 🙂

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