Who takes after who?

My children have been plastered all over the blog… picture after picture after picture.  So, you know what THEY look like.  But WHO exactly do they take after?  I’m always shocked when I hear who people think the boys look like.  Ok, Porter.  No one seems to know who Hudson looks like.  Maybe its the blonde hair, but I have a pretty good inkling who his twin is.  

Here are a bunch of pictures of Ryan and I as babies/toddlers.  What’s the verdict…. who takes after who?

And now Nicole:::


  1. WOW that is CRAZY. Porter totally looks like you and Hudson like Ryan. I think maybe its Porter's mannerisms that are all Ryan which totally throw people off.

  2. I always thought Porter looked like Ryan until I saw these pics. Porter definitely looks like you and Hudson looks like Ryan. That's too funny! It's cool that you each have a kiddo that takes after you.

  3. I agree with all the statements… wow!!!!!! So, Hudson AND Luke look like Ryan? Coincidence that Luke's middle name is Ryan? HA!!! LOL!!!!!!

  4. Oh Wow! I used to think that Ryan looked exactly like Porter but I think he and Hudson look more similar and Porter is your mini me. So CUTE!!!

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