Emerald Isle Day 5: Sunday

Sadly, the Easter Bunny didn’t visit the kids at the beach.  (he did, however, leave them goodies at home!).  Luckily, they are young enough they didn’t really even know it was Easter so we got off easy.

We woke up and after getting ready I took the boys to the little strip mall place to run around and we fed the turtles.  I was having a good hair day so I made sure to take a few shots of the boys and I.   The boys loved the turtles.  I kept thinking Porter was going to fall in and was contemplating what I’d do if he did…. do I dare brave the deep dark water to save my drowning child?  EEEEk.  Seriously gave me the heebie jeebies thinking about it.

None of the shops were open… duh… Easter Sunday… so we ran back home to pick up Ryan to head to my mom’s for an Easter egg hunt.  Jennifer, Chase and their kids Ethan and Hailey along with Michael (Mike’s son… my mom’s step-son… so technically my step-brother) and his daughter Makaylie were coming over as well.

After a long wait, Jennifer and Chase arrived with Ethan, Hailey and Makaylie.  The kids ran around the yard and hunted for eggs.  Hudson couldn’t even wait to find them all… he’d find an egg and open it then and there and eat the goodies.

The boys for some reason had been whiny alllll day (and alllll weekend) so we decided to take them home after lunch.  They both needed a nap.  While they napped I took my book out to the deck and sat and read.

The sun was shining and it was beautiful out so I took the boys for a walk down to the pier to see if we could see any sharks.  Hudson had to bring his Mine Mine, of course.  We didn’t see any sharks but we did see a few puffer fish that had been caught.  One guy was cleaning his at the cleaning station and promptly chopped its head off as we were watching.  Porter was shocked and said “WHY did he chop its head off?!!”  I told him he was going to eat it for dinner and Porter said “That makes me so saaaad!”   

On our way back to the beach house we had to stop at every. single. water puddle that was created by dips in the sand.  Hudson loves the water but refuses to go in the actual waves of the ocean.  
Mine Mine comes along, too!

Do you think I could possibly get a picture of my boys holding hands on the beach?  Yeah right.  


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