Hudson amazes me with how much he is saying lately.  He’s talking in sentences and is able to have little conversations with you.

Everyday that he is at daycare (or with my grandma… “Oma”) I always ask the boys if they had fun __________(insert where they spent their day) and what they did etc.  Hudson has caught on quickly and I’ll catch him at dinner just randomly telling me “Had fun Marleens”.    Last night I got home late and barely got to spend any time with the boys. Ryan had picked them both up from daycares so I literally hadn’t seen them since I dropped them off in the morning.  I laid down with Hudson for a few minute to chat with him.  We were talking about his cars and what he did with daddy that night and other random things.  He sat up and said something that sound like “Hafuh Mo Mo Mo MoMleen.”  At first I thought he was trying to say marshmallow but after he repeated it a few times I realized it was more like “Haf fun Mo Mahleens.”  He was telling me he had fun at Miss Marleen’s.   AWwwww!

He is very opinionated about things and it cracks me up when he says “I no like dat!”   I think its the cutest thing. He’ll get this scowl on his face and say “I no LIKE that Mama!  No like!!”  And I humor him and say right back, “Oh I’m sorry you no like that!”  It just cracks me up.

Tonight I went to Zumba and when I got home the boys and I read some books and then I put them in bed.  I was tucking Hudson in and he was jabbering away….  I asked him how his day was at LeeAnn’s and he told me…. “Have fun Lukas.  Have fun Brady B.  Have fun……. Have fun play cars.  Porter share police car.  Porter share pretty police car.  Pretty big police car.  Play school bus.  Play police car. ”  

  1. hahhaha! even Hudson is calling him Brady B. LOL! too cute! Ive only heard him say Brady here, and Rocky Dog. He is soo fun to have around. Very smart kid you got there! 🙂

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