Happy Birthday, Hudson Riley!

My little Hudson Bessie,  where do I start with you?  I can’t believe how much you fill out our family, my little blonde haired, blue eyed peanut.  Where you came from, I have no idea.  When you were in my belly I pictured you looking like a clone of your big brother, but you are far from that.  You look so much like your daddy, but with blonde hair and blue eyes and I adore that sooooo much.  See, I never in my life thought we’d have a little blondie in our family.  You are so special!!

You have grown up so much in the past month and, well, I’m not sure if shooting about 93 newborn session in the past few months as well has made this so much clearer but…. you aren’t a baby anymore!  You talk!  You talk in sentences!  You have conversations with us!  You ask questions and you wait for answers.  I love when you and Porter talk to each other in the car.  While you both can talk a mile a minute, you often keep your conversations short and sweet.  Its like you know what the other is saying and you don’t need to say much more.
One of my favorite things you say lately is “bench.”  Which happens to come out altogether wrong!!  Picture this…. “Hudson, where do you put Mater and Mine Mine at Miss Marleen’s?”   “Mih Mah-leens b%tch!”  HAHA!  See, you put your stuff on her BENCH in the living room, but it doesn’t really come out that way.  It cracks me up every time.
You are slowly getting to be more independent.  Up until recently you wouldn’t let me go in or out of the house if you were in the other place.  Lately, though, you’ve been venturing outside with Porter and I’m able to run inside for a bit if needed.
You LOVE Cars still…. Mater and “Queen Car” are your favorites.  You also like Sarge a bit, too.  And Thomas…. he’s still just 2nd place but you love to watch Thomas too.
You are voicing your opinion so much lately.  We were in the car the other day and you were whining about something.  I turned the radio up a bit to drown out your whining and you told me, in your crankiest voice  “I NO LIKE song!”   You say this often…. “I no like”  and I just love it.  I know it won’t be cute when you’re say, 4, and still saying that (let’s hope you catch onto proper grammar, mmmkay?), but for now its endearing.
When we go to Target you automatically know we’re getting popcorn and a “flushie” and you ask for them before I even get the van parked.  I’ve trained you well, I suppose.
We still call you Bessie…. Hudson Bessie…. Bess…. Sorry, kiddo, but I think its sticking.  You can thank your big brother for that one!
Hudson, I can’t imagine life without you.  You give me happy fuzzies in my tummy just thinking about your little snuggly self.  I am amazed at the little toddler you’ve become and I can’t wait to see what a young boy you turn into.  But please, don’t grow too fast.
I love you, Hudson Riley!
Love, Mama




  1. awww.. this made me smile the whole time reading it. 🙂 He's such a sweet boy and its been fun being able to have him around these last couple weeks. 🙂 Happy Birthday Hudson!!

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