Hudson’s 2nd Birth-Day

When Hudson woke up, he found Birthday Balloons all over his room.  Definitely a tradition I plan to continue until the boys get sick of it.  This year they were both ecstatic to wake up to find their room filled with colorful balls of air.  🙂  Perfect way to start their Birth-Day. 
This evening Dave and “Oma” came over for dinner and cake/ice cream.  Sure, we’re having cake and ice cream on Saturday for his actual party, but you can never have enough cake and ice cream, can you??   
While the food was grilling, the boys and I hung out in the neighbors yard on their trampoline.  Hudson loves to jump, although he really can’t stand when anyone else is jumping with him.   He laughs and laughs, though, when he’s bouncing around.  

This picture is nowhere near tack sharp but I just love it.  Wish it were crisper, though.
We had dinner (mmmm… burgers and Sun Chips!) and then had cake and presents.  Hudson had been a little teary all evening… whenever someone told him “No” to something, he’d stick that lip out and run to his Oma.  He tried to poke his finger into the cake and Ryan barely even said “No” in a firm voice and he burst into tears and ran to Oma.  He cried while we sang…. poor guy!  Not supposed to cry on your birthday!!
He was super excited to open his presents (from Ry, Porter and I).  He got a DVD (Thomas:  Hero of the Rails), two books (a Disney Cars book and a Little Critter book), a Disney Cars Mini-Sarge and Mini-Fillmore, and a Sprig Discover Rig.  His favorite present::: The Cars book.  Go figure.  🙂 


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