I took the boys to Lansing today to shop Old Navy’s “teacher/student” sale (25% off your entire purchase! Yes! That means the WHOLE store is technically ON SALE! ) and I have some time to ponder more about my “Quality vs. Quantity” post.

I have a lot of acquaintances…. “friends”…. let’s get together for a big play-date, read your blog and comment on your Facebook, say “hi” to you at the store, hit you up for advice- type of friends.  I think everyone NEEDS those friends… its a great network of advice and support.  I think acquaintances are great.  I love knowing a lot of people, networking through work or my business or other friends.

But where I seem to find the line is fuzzy is when I start to feel like because I now have a new friend… or have met someone new… or have known someone for awhile but have never been super close to them… that I have to try to get to know them more… or better… or see them more often to build up that friendship.  Its almost like I feel like everyone I’m “friends” with I have to be “good friends” with them.  And that is draining.  There is not enough time in my or anyone’s life to be “good friends” with everyone.  And if I were to try to do that, my REALLY GOOD friendships would suffer and fall apart.

I started to think about clients that I consider as friends… friends of friends I consider friends…. relatives of friends that I consider friends… and bloggers I’ve never met in real life that I consider friends… and I hope that I didn’t offend anyone by sound like “Hey, if you’re not my BFF then screw you I’m not your FRIEND!!!” because that’s not what I meant.  Its great to have friends and friends of friends and relatives of friend and blogger friends that are friends…. friends you casually chat with or connect with occasionally via FB or blogging or email or get togethers with others.  But I feel like sometimes I take that too far…. I start to feel anxious that I haven’t tried to connect more with these friends and I start to feel bad.  But I need to realize *I don’t have to*.  I can be distant friends… acquaintances… and still be friends.

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