Turtle Cove

ShaeShae’s 6th birthday is tomorrow (how is she already 6?!?) and for her “Special Day” she wanted her mommy to herself (no sissies or dad!) and to go to Turtle Cove.  A friend of hers was celebrating HER birthday as well and was going to TC for the day.  The boys and I were invited to go so we headed up to Belleville for the afternoon.

Turtle Cove was fabulous.  The splash pad was separate from the pool, and to tell you the truth I thought we’d spend most of the time here (at the splash pad) but we actually spent most of the time in the pool (which was zero entry).  The splash pad was great… 3 slides, lots of pull levers and squirters and a big bucket of water.  And lots of fountains of water spouting up.   The bucket intimidated the boys, though, and after we went down the slides a few times, we spent the rest of the time at the pool.

The pool, as I said, was zero entry.  It had fountains and a few kid-activities like Nixon (actually, it had the equivalent of what Nixon has… pretty much… minus the Jackson trash and mama drama). The pool was large enough that the kids never really ventured near the deep end, which was nice.  There were 2 water slides (huuuge) and a lazy river.  We spent a lot of time in the lazy river… I think we went around about 6 or 7 times?  It was relaxing and refreshing.

When we first got there, it was not crowded at all.  But, by 2:30 or so it definitely had started to get busy.  We were there from 11-3.    My favorite part of the place… it was so flippin clean!  The bathrooms were CLEAN and nice and not scuzzy.  And it had a nice “Turtle Cove Grille” which had hot dogs, fries, pretzels, chips, pop etc…. and very reasonably priced.

We will definitely go back.  Definitely worth the trip!  I only wish it were closer.

Porter really came out of his shell while we were here.  He’s not normally afraid to dunk under water but jumping in… he usually wants me to hold his hand or be near him.  Today, though, he was so brave (and I was so proud of him!) he was leaping in the pool and was swimming underwater and backwards.  Is it not hilarious that he plugs his nose every.single.time?  

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