Memories made

I love playing trains with the boys.  Well, maybe not the playing part so much but I really love putting together train track layouts for them.  Every once in awhile I’ll get caught up in building a track layout and find myself wasting away an hour or two without even knowing it.  I’m talking… it got late so the kids went to bed and I was still addicted to the train tracks!  HAHA!

This evening I “played” trains with the boys.  I love watching them pick out different trains and cars and driving them along the wooden tracks.  Their tiny hands.  The way they study the train moving.  The sound effects they make.  
Porter said to me tonight “You made us so happy Mama!  You made us so happy with the train tracks!”  And he smiled and gazed lovingly at his spiffy new track layout.   I sure love this kid.  
After Hudson was in bed Porter reminded me I had been promising to take him out to catch lightning bugs (fireflies) for awhile now.  It seems like its either been rainy/stormy or something or other the past few weeks.  So, tonight Porter and I caught lightning bugs.  He really didn’t want to let them go but decided he’d rather see them fly away than wake up to dead bugs in the morning.  One last lightning bug straggled behind and he told me he was going to name it Kooka (or something like that..).  When he flew away, he said “Bye Kooka… have a good night I’ll see you later.”  I sure love this kid. 

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